Afghanistan Driving Licence or Driver Permit as a Resident

Afghanistan Driving Licence: Having a valid driving licence or permit is mandatory for all individuals wanting to drive motor vehicles on Afghanistan’s roads. The licence can be obtained by passing required tests and submitting documents as per regulations.

Afghanistan Driving Licence or Driver Permit as a Resident

This guide provides complete information for residents on acquiring an Afghanistan driving licence or temporary driver permit.

Documentation Required for Afghanistan Driving Licence

To apply for an Afghanistan driving licence, you need to submit:

Identification Proof

  • Copy of national ID card (tazkira)
  • Passport copy for foreign nationals

Age Proof

  • ID card mentioning date of birth
  • Birth certificate

Health Certificate

  • Medical fitness certificate
  • Eye test results from optometrist


  • 4 passport-size photographs
  • 2 photographs must be attested

Application Form

  • Duly completed application form
  • Signed by driving school official\

Afghanistan Top City For Applying Driving Licence

Mazar-e Sharif

Eligibility Criteria for Getting Afghanistan Driving Licence

The key criteria to meet before applying include:

Minimum Age

  • 18 years for motorcycle and light vehicle licence
  • 21 years for heavy motor vehicle licence


  • Having necessary documents as per government regulations

Driving Course

  • Completing driving licence test training from certified school

Medical Fitness

  • Being physically fit with good vision

ID Proof

  • Possessing national ID card or passport

Types of Driving Licences Issued in Afghanistan

The types of driving licences issued in Afghanistan are:

  • Motorcycle Licence (Category A)
  • Light Motor Vehicle Licence (Category B)
  • Heavy Motor Vehicle Licence (Category C)
  • Multi-Axle Vehicle Licence (Category D)
  • Invalid Carriage Licence (Category E)

The minimum age requirement varies based on vehicle type.

Steps to Get Driving Licence in Afghanistan

Follow these key steps to get an Afghanistan driving licence:

1. Enroll at Driving School

  • Join a certified driving school
  • Undergo training on traffic rules and regulations
  • Get driving test training on vehicle handling

2. Obtain Medical Certificate

  • Get a medical fitness certificate from authorized centre
  • Certifies you are medically fit to drive

3. Apply for Learner’s Permit

  • Apply for learner’s permit at traffic department
  • Hold permit for minimum 45 days
  • Get practice on road with temporary licence

4. Take Driving Test

  • Appear for driving test at traffic department
  • Demonstrate driving skills in vehicle during test
  • Pass driving test to be eligible for licence

5. Submit Required Documents

  • Submit ID, age proof, medical certificate
  • Provide 4 photographs and application form
  • Pay licence issuing fees

6. Get Permanent Driving Licence

  • If eligible, you will be issued a driving licence
  • Licence is valid for 5 years before renewal

Getting an International Driving Permit in Afghanistan

To drive abroad with your Afghanistan licence, you require an International Driving Permit (IDP).

IDP can be obtained by:

  • Submitting valid Afghanistan driving licence
  • Providing passport-size photographs
  • Filling IDP application form
  • Paying applicable IDP fees
  • Carrying both IDP and local licence when driving overseas

Penalties for Driving Without Licence in Afghanistan

As per regulations, driving without a valid licence in Afghanistan can attract:

  • Fine up to 1000 AFN
  • Suspension or cancellation of vehicle registration
  • Imprisonment up to 3 months
  • Permanent ban from acquiring driving licence

So it is critical to have the appropriate class of driving licence when driving any motor vehicle in the country.

Renewing Driving Licence in Afghanistan

  • Driving licences must be renewed before expiry
  • Renewal process involves eye test, paperwork and fees
  • For renewal, licences can be extended up to 5 years
  • After 45 years of age, renewal is required every 2 years

By meeting eligibility criteria and following renewal procedures, you can continue driving legally in Afghanistan.


Obtaining an Afghanistan driving licence requires passing necessary tests, meeting medical standards, and submitting documents. This guide summarizes the overall process and requirements. Having a valid licence is mandatory to legally drive on Afghanistan roads and avoid penalties.