Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles

The Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles handles driver licensing, vehicle registration, title transfers, license plates, and more across the state of Alaska. The DMV oversees millions of driver and vehicle records.


The Alaska DMV provides forms online for many transactions including:

  • License Application – Apply for a new Alaska driver license or ID card.
  • Title Application – Apply for a vehicle title after purchasing a vehicle.
  • Registration Renewal – Renew expired vehicle registration online.
  • Duplicate Title – Request a duplicate title document.
  • Power of Attorney – Authorize someone to conduct DMV transactions.

Download and print all DMV forms before applying in person or mailing. Follow all instructions carefully when completing forms.

Registration Renewal

Alaska vehicle registration renewal is required annually. Registration can be renewed:

  • Online – The fastest and most convenient renewal method.
  • By Mail – Send in the renewal notice with payment.
  • In Person – Visit a DMV office to renew.

Renewals must be completed within 90 days of expiration to avoid late fees. Keep your vehicle properly registered by renewing on time.

Appointment Scheduling

The Alaska DMV offers appointment scheduling for many in-person services including:

  • Driver license exams
  • Driving tests
  • Vehicle inspections
  • VIN inspections
  • Title transfers

Schedule an appointment online in advance to avoid long wait times. Appointments can be booked up to 90 days out.

Alaska Driver Exam Stations

The Alaska DMV has over 20 driver exam stations located throughout the state. Exam stations offer:

  • Knowledge tests
  • Road tests
  • Vision screening

Major exam locations are in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Kenai, Ketchikan, and more. Locate your nearest exam station on the DMV website before scheduling a driving test.

Alaska 2024 Drivers Manual

The official Alaska 2024 drivers manual covers:

  • Traffic laws
  • Safe driving techniques
  • License application process
  • Road signs

Read the 2024 manual carefully to prepare for your knowledge test. Study the road signs and signals along with basic traffic laws. The manual can be downloaded online.

Alaska License Renewals

Alaska driver licenses must be renewed every 5 years. Licenses can be renewed:

  • Online – Renew your license quickly online.
  • By Mail – Send in your renewal notice form.
  • In Person – Visit a DMV office and renew in person.

Renewing on time prevents your license from expiring. Check your current license for your expiration date.

License Plates

Alaska offers over 100 license plate designs including wildlife conservation and military honor plates. Options include:

  • Standard plates – Low cost basic plates.
  • Specialty plates – Unique backgrounds and slogans.
  • Personalized plates – Custom name or text plates.

Visit a DMV office to order replacement or specialty plates. Provide current registration and ID.

Drivers License

To apply for an Alaska driver license you must:

  • Pass vision and knowledge tests
  • Pass a road test
  • Provide identity documents
  • Pay the license fee

Alaska issues REAL ID licenses which have stricter documentation requirements. Use the DMV checklist to ensure you have all required documents.

Contact DMV

Contact the Alaska DMV by:

  • Online – Ask DMV a question online.
  • Phone – Call (907) 465-4361 for the DMV call center.
  • In person – Visit a DMV office location.

Check the DMV website for office hours, appointments, and contact details. DMV staff can assist with renewals, replacements, titles, registration, and more.


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