Belgium Driving Licence or Driver Permit

Belgium Driving Licence : Obtaining a Belgian driving licence allows you to legally operate motor vehicles on public roads in Belgium. Here is an overview of driving licences in Belgium:

Types of Licences

There are different categories of driving licences issued in Belgium:

  • Category A – Motorcycles
  • Category B – Motor vehicles up to 3,500 kg
  • Category C – Vehicles over 3,500 kg
  • Category D – Passenger transportation vehicles
  • Category BE, CE, DE – Combined vehicle licences

Eligibility and Minimum Age

To qualify for a Belgian driving licence you must:

  • Be at least 16 years old (Category A)
  • Be at least 18 years old (Category B)
  • Be at least 21 years old (Category C, D)
  • Pass required theory and practical driving exams

Licence Validity

Licence validity periods in Belgium:

  • Category A – 20 years
  • Category B – 10 years or until age 60
  • Other categories – 5 years

Licences must be renewed before expiration.

New Residents and Tourists

New residents can drive using foreign licences for 6 months. Tourists can drive for up to 12 months with a valid licence from their home country.

Getting Your First Belgium Driving Licence

Here are the steps to obtaining your initial driving licence in Belgium:

1. Enroll in a Driving School

  • Complete minimum 12 hours of theory lessons.
  • Take minimum 20 hours of practical driving lessons.
  • Obtain learner’s permit to start practicing.

2. Pass the Theory Test

  • Take computer-based theory test on traffic rules, signs, laws.
  • Answer 50 out of 60 questions correctly to pass.

3. Pass the Practical Driving Test

  • Take practical test with examiner assessing your driving.
  • Demonstrate competent control, road safety knowledge and skills.
  • Minimum pass score is 34 out of 38 points.

4. Obtain Your Licence Card

  • Visit Town Hall with passed test certificates.
  • Provide ID, residence permit, passport photo.
  • Pay issuance fee.
  • Your plastic card licence will be issued.

Renewing a Belgian Driving Licence

To continue driving legally, you must renew your licence before expiration:

  • Renewal can be done up to 8 months before expiry.
  • Visit Town Hall with your current licence.
  • Undergo vision screening and get new photo.
  • Pay renewal fees.
  • Updated licence will be issued.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Licence

If your Belgian driving licence is lost or stolen:

  • File a report with the police documenting loss/theft.
  • Apply for replacement at Town Hall within 8 days.
  • Provide police report and details of old licence.
  • Pay replacement fee.
  • You will be issued a duplicate licence.

Changing Your Address on Your Licence

When you change your official residence in Belgium:

  • Notify Town Hall within 8 days of address change.
  • Provide proof of your new address.
  • Pay update fee.
  • Your driving licence will be modified with new address.

Getting an International Driving Permit

To drive abroad, you may need an International Driving Permit (IDP):

  • Apply for IDP at Belgian Automobile Association.
  • Bring current licence, passport photos and photocopies.
  • Complete application and pay fee.
  • Carry both licence and IDP when driving overseas.

Traffic Rules and Regulations in Belgium

When driving in Belgium, you must follow these main traffic laws:

General Driving

  • Drive on the right side of the road
  • Mandatory seat belt wearing
  • Require proper use of child seats and restraints
  • Yield right-of-way to pedestrians at crossings

Speed Limits

  • 30-50 km/h in urban areas
  • 70-90 km/h on rural roads
  • 120 km/h on motorways


  • Speeding fines from €53 to €2,750
  • Driving unlicensed – fines up to €4,000


  • Have licence and insurance papers when driving

Alcohol Limit

  • 0.5 g/l maximum allowable blood alcohol content
  • Lower limits for novice and professional drivers

Resolving Traffic Violations and Fines in Belgium

If you commit a traffic offence in Belgium, here is how to deal with resulting fines:

Pay the Fine

  • Fines can be paid online, at police stations, or by bank transfer.
  • Pay promptly to avoid additional late penalties.
  • Keep receipt as proof of payment.

Dispute the Fine

  • To contest, send letter to police within 15 days.
  • Submit evidence supporting your dispute.
  • Fine may be waived if dispute upheld.

Licence Suspension

  • Licence suspended if you exceed set penalty points.
  • Attend driving courses to reduce points.
  • Regain licence by obeying suspension terms.

Failure to Pay

  • Unpaid fines referred for administrative enforcement.
  • Additional fees and charges added.
  • Can lead to driving licence being cancelled.

FAQ on Belgian Driving Licences

1. How much does it cost to get a Belgian driving licence?

Getting a new Belgian driving licence costs around €600-800. This covers mandatory lessons, theory/practical tests, documentation and issuance of the licence card. Renewal every 5-20 years is €20-30.

2. What is the minimum driving age in Belgium?

The minimum age is 16 years for a motorcycle licence, 18 years for a car licence, and 21 years for heavy vehicle and public transportation licences.

3. Can I exchange my US licence for a Belgian licence?

Belgium generally does not allow direct conversion of foreign licences for non-EU nationals. You have to take theory and practical exams to get a Belgian licence.

4. How do I replace my lost Belgian driving licence?

Report the loss immediately to police and apply for replacement at your Town Hall within 8 days. Provide the police report and details of your old licence. Pay the fee to obtain a duplicate licence.

5. Can I renew my Belgian licence from overseas?

Yes, you can renew a Belgian driving licence from overseas by authorizing someone to submit the renewal application on your behalf along with required documentation.