Comoros Driving Licence or Driver Permit

Comoros Driving Licence : Getting your driver’s license in Comoros allows you the freedom to explore this tropical archipelago nation by car.

This guide provides everything you need to know about obtaining your Comorian driver’s permit, including required documents, tests, fees and more.

Eligibility Requirements for Comoros Driving Licence

To qualify for getting a driver’s license in Comoros, you must:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years old.
  • Pass the required written theory test.
  • Pass the medical exam and vision screening.
  • Show proof of identity and residency.
  • Submit all required application documents.

Documents Required for Comoros Driver’s License

When applying for your Comorian driver’s license, you need to provide:

  • Application form completed at the exam center
  • Valid passport and a copy
  • Proof of legal residence in Comoros
  • Two passport-size photos
  • Medical certificate from authorized doctor
  • Birth certificate copy

Taking the Written Theory Test in Comoros

The written theory test covers:

  • Road signs, signals, pavement markings
  • Traffic laws and regulations
  • Basic vehicle maintenance and operation
  • Safe driving techniques

Tips for passing the written test:

  • Study the government’s driver’s handbook
  • Take practice theory tests to prepare
  • Arrive early with proper ID and documents
  • There are 30 multiple choice questions
  • A score of at least 80% is required to pass

Passing the Driving Test in Comoros

To assess practical driving skills, the test includes:

  • Vehicle safety check
  • Basic maneuvers like parking, three-point turns
  • Driving on urban roads, intersections, and highways
  • Obeying traffic laws and signals

Tips for passing the driving test:

  • Bring a licensed driver and insured vehicle
  • Use mirrors and signals properly
  • Steer smoothly and maintain control
  • Be systematic in looking for hazards
  • Show confidence and caution
  • The test takes about 20-25 minutes

Getting Your Comoros Driver’s License

Follow these steps to obtain your driver’s license in Comoros:

  1. Study the driver’s handbook and practice tests
  2. Schedule your written theory test at the exam center
  3. Complete the required medical exam
  4. Take and pass the practical road test
  5. Submit all documents and fees to the licensing agency
  6. Get your photo taken for the license if required
  7. Receive your new plastic driver’s license card
  8. Licenses are valid for 5 years before renewal is needed

Renewing a Comoros Driver’s License

To renew your Comorian driver’s license:

  • Licenses can be renewed up to 6 months before expiration
  • Visit the licensing agency and submit your renewal application
  • Complete a new medical exam and vision screening
  • Provide updated passport photos
  • Pay the license renewal fee
  • New license card will be issued valid for 5 years

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Comoros License

If your driver’s license is lost or stolen, you must replace it within 15 days. Follow these steps:

  • File a police report regarding the missing license
  • Bring police report to licensing agency along with replacement application
  • Submit new medical certificate and photos
  • Pay replacement license fee
  • Receive your replacement license card
  • Replacement is valid for normal 5 year renewal period

Changing Your Address on a Comoros Driver’s License

When you move residences within Comoros, you must update your driver’s license address:

  • Bring your current license and proof of new address
  • Fill out address change application form
  • Pay address change fee
  • An updated license card showing new address will be issued
  • Address must be updated within 30 days of moving

Traffic Rules and Fines in Comoros

Comoros has adopted traffic laws to improve road safety. Some key rules and fines:

  • Speed limit in cities is 40 km/h, outside cities is 60 km/h
  • Not wearing a seatbelt – Fine of KMF 10,000
  • Using a mobile phone while driving – Fine of KMF 15,000
  • Running a red light – Fine of KMF 20,000
  • Drunk driving – License suspension, fines, and jail time

Fines can be paid at the National Police headquarters in Moroni. Serious offenses can lead to license suspension.

Frequently Asked Questions on Comoros Licenses

1. What is the minimum age to get a driver’s license in Comoros?

The minimum age is 18 years to obtain a full Comorian driver’s license.

2. Is my Comoros license valid in other countries?

No, your Comoros license is valid only within Comoros. An International Driving Permit is required to drive abroad.

3. Do I need to take driving classes before getting a license?

Yes, completing classes at a certified driving school is required before taking your license test.

4. What vehicles can I drive with a Comoros license?

A standard license allows driving regular passenger cars and light trucks. Additional testing is needed for large trucks and buses.

5. How soon before expiration can I renew my license?

License renewal in Comoros can be done up to 6 months prior to the expiration date.


Obtaining your driver’s license is a major milestone in Comoros, allowing the freedom to explore the islands. From eligibility criteria to renewal procedures, this guide has covered everything you need to know about getting licensed. Follow the testing steps, comply with traffic rules and drive safely on your journeys. With your license in hand, the beautiful Comoros roads await!