Iceland Driving Licence or Driver Permit

Iceland Driving Licence : Driving licences in Iceland are issued by the Icelandic Transport Authority. Here is an overview:

Types of Licences

  • Icelandic Driving Licence – For residents and citizens driving in Iceland.
  • International Driving Permit – For visitors driving in Iceland along with their native licence.

Minimum Driving Age

Licence CategoryMinimum Age
AM (Mopeds)15 years
A1 (Light Motorcycles)16 years
A2 (Medium Motorcycles)18 years
A (Motorcycles)20 years
B (Cars)17 years
C (Trucks)18 years
D (Buses)21 years

Licence Categories

  • AM – Mopeds
  • A1 – Light motorcycles
  • A2 – Medium motorcycles
  • A – Motorcycles
  • B – Cars
  • C – Trucks
  • D – Buses

Licence Validity

  • Car, motorcycle, and tractor licences are valid for 12 years.
  • Commercial vehicle licences are valid for 5 years.

Obtaining a New Iceland Driver’s Licence

To get your first Icelandic driving licence:


You must:

  • Meet minimum age requirement for licence class.
  • Complete required training.
  • Pass theory and practical exams.
  • Submit application and documentation.

Required Documents

  • Application form
  • Medical report
  • Proof of identity
  • 2 passport photos
  • Certificates of completion for training courses


  1. Complete training and coursework. Get certificates.
  2. Pass theory test at Transport Authority testing center.
  3. Pass practical driving test with examiner.
  4. Submit licence application, documents, and fees.
  5. New licence issued within 2 weeks if approved.

Renewing an Iceland Driver’s Licence

Icelandic driving licences must be renewed before expiration:

Renewal Period

  • Car, motorcycle, tractor licences expire after 12 years.
  • Commercial vehicle licences expire after 5 years.

Renewal Process

  • Submit renewal application before expiry date.
  • Complete new medical report.
  • Take updated photos.
  • Pay renewal fees.
  • New licence card will be issued if approved.

Expired Licences

  • Driving with an expired licence is illegal in Iceland.
  • Licences expired over 2 years require retaking exams.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Iceland Licence

If your Icelandic driving licence is lost or stolen:


  • Report it to police immediately and get a police report.


  • Apply for replacement licence at Transport Authority office.
  • Submit police report, ID, new photos, and fees.

Temporary Permit

  • You’ll get a temporary driving permit valid for 4 weeks.
  • Carry permit while driving until new licence arrives.

New Licence

  • A replacement plastic card will be issued within 2 weeks.

Changing Your Address on an Iceland Licence

When moving within Iceland, you must update your driving licence address:


  • Notify Transport Authority of new address within 2 weeks.


  • Submit at Authority office:
    • Completed address change application
    • Proof of new address
    • Current driving licence
    • Applicable fee

Updated Licence

  • Your plastic licence card will be reprinted with updated address.
  • Make sure to change licence address within 2 weeks of moving.

Taking the Driver’s Exam for an Iceland Licence

To qualify for an Icelandic driver’s licence, you must pass required exams:

Theory Test

  • Computer-based multiple choice exam on road signs, rules, fines, and safety.
  • Taken at Transport Authority testing centers.
  • Passing grade is 80% correct answers.

Practical Test

  • Assess driving skills over test route with examiner.
  • Includes parking, turns, roundabouts, hill starts, emergencies.
  • Automatic failure for dangerous errors.
  • Passing means licence approval.

Traffic Fines and Penalties in Iceland

Driving violations may result in fines, demerit points, suspension or revocation:

Common Offences and Fines

  • Speeding – Fines from ISK 35,000
  • Running Red Light – ISK 35,000
  • Using Mobile Phone While Driving – ISK 35,000
  • No Valid Insurance – ISK 250,000
  • Drunk Driving – ISK 250,000

Serious Offences

  • Excessive Speeding (50+ km/h over)
    • Licence Revocation
    • Prison time
  • Drunk Driving (over 0.05% BAC)
    • Licence Revocation – 1 year
    • Vehicle Confiscation

Demerit Points System

  • Points assigned for convictions
  • 8+ points in 2 years may mean suspension

FAQs on Iceland Driving Licence

1. Do I need an International Driving Permit for Iceland?

Yes, non-EU visitors need an IDP to drive in Iceland along with their home country licence.

2. How do I transfer my licence to an Icelandic licence?

You generally don’t need to transfer licences. Just use your current licence and get an IDP. For residency, you’ll have to apply for an Icelandic licence.

3. Can I drive automatic car with manual licence in Iceland?

Yes, Iceland allows driving automatic cars with a manual licence.

4. What vehicles can you drive with a B licence?

An Icelandic B licence covers passenger cars up to 3,500 kg and minibuses up to 16 seats.

5. Is my licence from the EU valid in Iceland?

Yes, EU licences are valid in Iceland due to reciprocity agreements among member states.


In summary, knowing Iceland’s driver’s licence rules and procedures is essential for legally operating vehicles on Icelandic roads. Following the proper application, renewal, and update processes will help maintain valid licensing status. Drive safely!