Italy Driving Licence or Driver Permit

Italy Driving Licence : Getting your driver’s license in Italy can seem confusing, but this guide will walk you through everything you need to know. From getting a new license, renewing, replacing, changing your address, taking the exams, traffic fines and rules – we’ve got you covered on how driver’s licensing works in Italy!

Getting a New Italy Driving Licence

To get your first Italian driving license, you’ll need to:

Meet the Minimum Age Requirements

  • 14 years – Apply for your first learner’s permit
  • 16 years – Take the theory exam for your license
  • 18 years – Take the driving exam for your full license

Provide the Required Documents

  • Valid passport or ID card
  • Tax code
  • Residency permit (non-EU citizens)
  • Medical certificate from your doctor

Pass the Theory and Practical Exams

  • Take a computerized theory test with 40 multiple choice questions on road signs and rules. Offered in multiple languages.
  • Pass a practical driving test with an examiner testing your maneuvering and driving skills.
  • Both exams can be retaken if you don’t pass the first time.

Renewing your Driver’s License in Italy

To renew an Italian driver’s license:

  • Licenses must be renewed every 10 years until age 50
  • Then renewal required every 5 years after age 50
  • Renewal process:
    • Complete renewal application
    • Provide updated medical certificate
    • Pay renewal fee
    • Have new photo taken and updated license issued
  • Renewals can be done within 6 months before expiration date

Replacing a Lost or Stolen License

If your Italian driver’s license is lost or stolen:

  • File a report with the police and obtain documentation
  • Bring police report to licensing office along with ID and passport photo
  • Fill out application and pay fee for replacement license
  • Replacement will have new license number and photo
  • This must be done within 48 hours of losing license

Changing Your Address on an Italian License

When changing residence in Italy, you must update your address on your driver’s license within 30 days.

To change the address on your license:

  • Provide your current license, ID card, and proof of new address
  • Fill out the change of address application at the licensing office
  • Pay small application fee
  • New license will be issued with updated address

Taking the Driver’s Exam in Italy

To prepare for the driving exams in Italy:

For the theory test:

  • Study the theory handbook and sample questions
  • Take practice exams online or through driving schools
  • Exam questions cover road signs, rules, fines and safety

For the practical test:

  • Take driving lessons from a certified school instructor
  • Practice all required maneuvers like parking, turns, hill starts
  • Your driving school will provide the car for the exam
  • The examiner will assess your driving skills for 30-40 minutes

Traffic Fines and Rules in Italy

Some key traffic and driving rules in Italy:

Fines for:

  • Speeding – from €42 up to €3,382 depending on excess speed
  • Running a red light – €167
  • Using a mobile phone while driving – €165
  • Not wearing a seatbelt – €85
  • Driving in historic city centers (ZTL) – €83

Other important Italian driving rules:

  • Documents needed: license, ID card, registration, insurance
  • Seat belts mandatory for all passengers
  • Children under 1.5m must be in child restraints
  • Headlights must be on day and night outside cities
  • Zero tolerance for alcohol – 0.0% BAC limit for drivers
  • Helmets required for motorbike riders and passengers

FAQs on Italy Driving Licence

1. Is my non-EU license valid in Italy?

Yes, for up to 1 year. After that, you must convert it by passing the Italian driving exams.

2. Can I take the driving exam in English in Italy?

Yes, the theory and practical driving exams are available in English and over 30 languages.

3. How much is an Italian driver’s license?

Getting your first Italian license costs around €200-€300 including medical exam, theory test and driving lessons/test.

4. What side of the road do Italians drive on?

Always drive on the right side of the road in Italy. Overtaking is done on the left.

5. Can I use GPS speed camera detectors in Italy?

No, radar detectors and GPS speed camera locators are illegal to use when driving in Italy.

6. Is there reciprocal license exchange for US and Italian licenses?

Unfortunately no, you cannot directly exchange an American license for an Italian one without taking exams.

7. Do I need an International Driving Permit to rent a car in Italy?

No, an IDP is not required for Americans renting cars in Italy if you have a valid US license.

8. How old do I have to be to rent a car in Italy?

You must be 21 years old to rent a car in Italy. Drivers under 25 may pay a young driver surcharge.