Nepal Driving Licence or Driver Permit

Nepal Driving Licence : Obtaining a valid driving license is an important step for anyone wanting to drive in Nepal. A driving license authorizes you to operate motor vehicles on public roads and provides proof that you are qualified to do so.

This complete guide provides everything you need to know about getting a new driving license, renewing an expired license, or replacing a lost one in Nepal.

Types of Nepal Driving Licence

Nepal issues different categories of driving licenses for operating different types of vehicles:

  • Motorcycle License – Allows you to drive motorcycles and scooters below 250cc engine capacity. The minimum age is 16 years.
  • Light Vehicle License – For driving cars, jeeps, vans, and three-wheelers. The minimum age is 18 years.
  • Heavy Vehicle License – For driving buses, trucks, tractors and heavy construction equipment vehicles. You must be at least 20 years old.
  • Special Vehicle License – For operating special vehicles like ambulances, trolley buses and vehicles with hydraulic unloading systems. The minimum age is 20 years.

Eligibility Criteria for a Driving License in Nepal

To be eligible for a driving license in Nepal, you must:

  • Be the minimum age required for the vehicle category you want to drive.
  • Pass the required written test on traffic rules and regulations.
  • Pass the mandatory driving skills test.
  • Submit the required documents and fees.
  • Have sound mental health and physical fitness with no congenital disability.
  • Not be addicted to any intoxicants.

How to Obtain a New Driving License in Nepal

Follow these steps to get a new driving license in Nepal:

Step 1: Enroll in a Driving Training Course

  • While not mandatory, taking professional driving lessons helps ensure you pass the license test.
  • Training schools provide lessons on traffic rules and safe driving skills for each vehicle category.
  • Typical training duration is 1-2 weeks for light motor vehicles and up to 6 months for heavy vehicle licenses.

Step 2: Obtain a Learner’s License

  • Visit the nearest District Transport Management Office (DTMO).
  • Submit an application form with your photograph and citizenship proof.
  • Provide proof of age and address. Students can submit a bonafide certificate from their school or college.
  • Pay the application fee.
  • Take the computerized learning license test on traffic laws and road signs. You must score at least 80% to pass.
  • If you pass, you will receive a printed Learner’s License on the spot. This is valid for 6 months.
  • You can now start practicing driving on public roads with an experienced licensed driver.

Step 3: Pass the Driving Test

  • Once comfortable, visit the RTO and register to take the driving skill test.
  • Bring your learner’s license and other documents.
  • The driving test will assess your maneuvering skills on a designated test track.
  • For heavy vehicle licenses, you must also pass a vehicle inspection test.
  • If you pass the driving test, you will get a test pass certificate.

Step 4: Obtain the Permanent Driving License

  • Submit the test pass certificate, your learner’s license, proof of age, citizenship and residence and the license fee.
  • The RTO will issue you a Smart Card format Driving License within a few days.
  • Check all details on the license and sign the back of the smart card.

And that’s it – you can now legally drive on the roads using your new driving license!

Documents Required for a Driving License in Nepal

You will need to submit the following documents when applying for a new driving license in Nepal:

  • Application form (available at RTOs)
  • Valid passport size photographs
  • Proof of age and identity like citizenship certificate
  • Parents’ citizenship certificate for applicants below 21 years
  • Temporary/Permanent address proof
  • Learner’s license (for permanent license only)
  • Application fee payment receipt

Driving License Fees in Nepal

The following license fees are applicable:

License TypeValidityFee (NPR)
Learner’s License6 monthsRs. 600
Driving License – Motorcycle5 yearsRs. 1,200
Driving License – Light Motor Vehicle5 yearsRs. 1,500
Driving License – Heavy Vehicle1 yearRs. 2,000
Renewal of Driving License5 years50% of initial license fee

How to Renew a Driving License in Nepal

Your driving license must be renewed for every 5 years after expiry to keep it valid for driving. Follow the process below to renew your license in Nepal:

  • Visit your nearest District Transport Office at least 15 days before the expiry date.
  • Submit your renewal application with the license renewal fee.
  • Provide a medical fitness certificate and proof of citizenship and residence.
  • If there are no traffic rule violations on your license, the renewed Driving License will be issued on the spot.
  • Renewal can be done within 6 months after expiry as well. But a late fee will be applicable.
  • For heavy vehicle licenses, you may have to retake the driving tests.

Replacing a Lost or Damaged Driving License

  • Visit the District Transport Office and file an application for a duplicate license.
  • Submit citizenship proof and copies of the lost license if available.
  • Pay the replacement fee which is 50% of the initial license fee.
  • Provide a police report for a lost license.
  • Get your photo clicked at the RTO for the duplicate license.
  • The duplicate plastic smart card license will be issued to you within a few days.

Changing Address on Driving License

If you have permanently changed your residence address, get it updated on your driving license:

  • Submit an application at the nearest District Transport Office.
  • Provide proof of new permanent address.
  • Pay the prescribed application fee.
  • The updated driving license with changed address will be issued to you.

Transferring Driving License from Another Country

If you hold a valid foreign driving license, follow these steps to convert it into a Nepal license:

  • The foreign country must have a reciprocal agreement with Nepal for license transfers.
  • Submit an application with your valid foreign license, passport, photos and citizenship proof.
  • Pay the prescribed fees. The RTO will verify your documents.
  • Pass a driving test for the equivalent vehicle category in Nepal.
  • Once approved, you will be issued a Nepal driving license.

This allows you to legally drive using your foreign license in Nepal without taking driving tests again.

Traffic Rules and Penalties for License Holders

As a driving license holder, you must strictly follow Nepal’s traffic rules and regulations, such as:

  • Do not drive without a valid license or under influence of alcohol/drugs. This can lead to heavy fines or imprisonment.
  • Always carry your license while driving. Police can suspend your license if caught without it.
  • Follow speed limits – maximum 40 km/hr in cities, 80 km/hr on highways.
  • Do not use mobile phones while driving.
  • Violating traffic light signals attracts Rs. 700 fine per instance.
  • Overtaking in no-overtaking zones can lead to license suspension.
  • Drive in the left lane and overtake from the right.
  • Not following traffic signs and directions from officers is punishable.

Abide by these rules to avoid fines, penalties or losing your driving privileges.

Important Tips for Safe Driving in Nepal

Here are some useful tips for all driving license holders in Nepal:

  • Get sufficient practice before driving independently. Don’t obtain license in hurry.
  • Always carry vehicle papers, license, pollution certificates properly.
  • Follow the speed limit and traffic signs diligently.
  • Use signals properly before making turns or lane changes.
  • Be very careful while overtaking other vehicles.
  • Avoid drunk driving completely. Even small amounts of alcohol can impair judgement.
  • Do not use your phone while driving – avoid calls or texts.
  • Drive slowly and cautiously in residential areas and school/hospital zones.
  • Make way and give priority to emergency vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks etc.
  • At night, use headlights properly on low beam and maintain safe distance from other vehicles.
  • During heavy rains, reduce speed, keep lights on and maintain extra distance between vehicles.
  • Do not indulge in road rage or confrontation with other drivers. Stay calm and composed.

Following these safe driving habits will go a long way in keeping yourself and other road users safe on Nepali roads.

FAQs on Nepal Driving Licence

Q1. How can I check if my license is valid?

You can check the status and validity of your Nepalese driving license online through the Department of Transport Management website. Just enter your license number and details to instantly check remaining validity, pending dues etc.

Q2. What is the minimum age for getting a motorcycle license in Nepal?

The minimum age to apply for a motorcycle license in Nepal is 16 years. You must pass the required written exam and driving test.