Niger Driving Licence or Driver Permit

Niger Driving Licence : Possessing a valid permis de conduire (driver’s license) is mandatory for driving any motor vehicle on the roads of Niger.

This guide provides complete information for Nigerien citizens and foreign residents on obtaining a new license, renewing an expired one, or replacing a lost/stolen license in Niger.

Types of Niger Driving Licence

The following categories of permis de conduire are issued to motorists in Niger:

  • Category A – Motorcycles with engine capacity under 50cc
  • Category A1 – Light motorcycles and tricycles
  • Category B – Motor vehicles up to 9 seats like cars and light trucks
  • Category C – Heavy vehicles like buses, lorries over 3.5 tons capacity
  • Category D – Heavy buses and coaches with over 8 seats
  • Category E – Combined vehicles like road trains and articulated trucks
  • Category F – Agricultural tractors and other farming equipment
  • Category G – Operators of construction equipment

Eligibility Criteria for Obtaining a Driving License in Niger

To qualify for a permis de conduire in Niger, applicants must:

  • Be minimum age of 16 years for light motor vehicles
  • Be 18 years for commercial passenger vehicles
  • Provide valid identification documents
  • Pass a medical exam confirming fitness
  • Clear the theory test on traffic rules and signs
  • Pass the practical driving test
  • Show proof of residency in Niger
  • Pay the license application fees

Steps to Obtain New Driving License in Niger

Follow these key steps to obtain a new permis de conduire in Niger:

Step 1: Apply for Learning Permit

  • Visit the local préfecture (prefecture office) and fill out the application for learner’s permit.
  • Submit ID proof, medical certificate, photos and residency documents.
  • Pay fee and book theory test appointment.
  • Take the computerized test on road signs, rules and regulations.
  • On passing, obtain a 6-month provisional learner’s permit.

Step 2: Enroll in a Driving School

  • Join a certified driving school to complete compulsory instruction.
  • Learn basic vehicle controls, maneuvers, parking skills from a licensed instructor.
  • The number of mandatory classes ranges from 8-16 hours based on vehicle type.
  • Practice driving on various road conditions under supervision.

Step 3: Give Driving Test

  • On completing training, register for the practical driving test.
  • Bring all documents – learner’s permit, IDs, fees for test.
  • The examiner will evaluate your driving skills on public roads.
  • Passing the test makes you eligible for issuance of license.

Step 4: Obtain Permanent Driving License

  • Submit application, passport photos, test pass certificate and license fee.
  • Upon verification, the plastic card type permis de conduire will be issued.
  • Check license for accuracy of details before leaving préfecture office.

Your Nigerien permis de conduire allows you to legally drive the approved vehicle category.

Documents Required for Obtaining Driving License in Niger

You must submit these documents when applying for a Nigerien permis de conduire:

  • Application form with passport size photographs
  • Original national identity card
  • Valid medical certificate affirming fitness
  • Proof of residency in Niger
  • Eyesight fitness certificate
  • Learner’s permit (for permanent license only)
  • Driving test pass certificate
  • License fee payment receipt

Fees for Acquiring Driving License in Niger

The typical fees charged to obtain a new permis de conduire in Niger are:

License TypeFee (CFA Francs)
Learner’s permit1000 XOF
Category A (motorcycle)1500 XOF
Category B (light vehicle)3000 XOF
Category C (heavy vehicle)5000 XOF
License renewal1500 XOF
License replacement2000 XOF

How to Renew Expired Driving License in Niger

To renew an expired permis de conduire in Niger:

  • Licenses can be renewed up to 5 years after expiry.
  • Apply at the préfecture and provide renewed medical certificate.
  • Submit new residence proofs and passport size photographs.
  • Pay the license renewal fees.
  • Undergo an eyesight test at the préfecture.
  • If approved, your renewed permis de conduire will be issued.

Replacing Lost, Stolen or Damaged License

If your Nigerien driving license is lost, stolen or damaged, follow this procedure:

  • File a report with the police about missing license. Obtain copy.
  • Submit application for duplicate license at préfecture.
  • Provide police report, along with ID proof and residence documents.
  • Pay replacement fee and get new photographs clicked.
  • On approval, a duplicate permis de conduire will be issued.

Converting Foreign License to Nigerien License

If you hold a valid foreign driver’s license, you can convert it into a Nigerien one by:

  • Checking if your country has a reciprocal agreement with Niger.
  • Providing original foreign license, translation and passport to préfecture.
  • Passing a medical test and basic driving test if required.
  • Paying fees for license conversion.
  • The equivalent Nigerien permis de conduire will be issued within 2 weeks.

Traffic Rules and Violations in Niger

To avoid fines, penalties or suspension, obey these traffic rules in Niger:

  • Drive on the right side of the road. Overtaking only from left side.
  • Observe speed limits – 60km/hr in urban areas, 100km/hr on highways.
  • Drunk driving is illegal with severe punishments if convicted.
  • Not stopping at red traffic light incurs 5,000 XOF fine.
  • Use of seat belts is mandatory for driver and front seat passengers.
  • Talking on handheld phones while driving is prohibited.
  • Causing accidents leading to injury/death can warrant imprisonment.
  • Traffic police can confiscate licenses for serious violations.

Tips for Safe Driving in Niger

Here are some key safe driving tips to follow in Niger:

  • Get adequate practice with licensed instructor before driving solo.
  • Keep safe distance from vehicle ahead and drive defensively.
  • Avoid driving at night due to poor street lighting.
  • Honk horn and use indicators when turning/overtaking.
  • Maintain prescribed speed limits for safety.
  • Be extra vigilant near schools, markets and animal crossings.
  • If an accident occurs, immediately inform the police.
  • Carry license, vehicle papers, insurance documents at all times.
  • Avoid confrontation with other drivers even in case of disputes.
  • Drink plenty of water and take breaks during long distance travel.

FAQs on Niger Driving Licence

Q1. What is the minimum age to get a motorcycle license in Niger?

The minimum age eligibility for a Category A motorcycle license in Niger is 16 years. Applicants must pass all required tests.

Q2. How do I verify if my Nigerien driving license is original?

You can verify the authenticity of your Nigerien permis de conduire at the local préfecture office using the license number and personal details.

Q3. What documents do I need to change the address on my Nigerien license?

You need to provide your current license, new residence proof, passport photos and fill out the address change application form at the préfecture office.