Nigeria Driving Licence or Driver Permit

Nigeria Driving Licence : Possessing a valid driver’s license is required for driving any motor vehicle on Nigerian roads.

This guide provides complete details on how to obtain a new license, renew an expired one, replace a damaged license, or convert an international permit in Nigeria.

Types of Nigeria Driving Licence

The major categories of driver’s licenses issued by the FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps) in Nigeria include:

  • Class A – Motorcycles, tricycles, motorized bicycles
  • Class B – Private motor vehicles like cars and SUVs
  • Class C – Medium weight commercial vehicles up to 7500 kg
  • Class D – Heavy trucks and lorries over 7500 kg
  • Class E – Combination vehicles like road trains and articulated vehicles
  • Class F – Special purpose vehicles like forklifts, caterpillars etc.

Eligibility Criteria for Obtaining Nigerian Driver’s License

To be eligible for a driver’s license in Nigeria, you must:

  • Be within the minimum age required for the vehicle class
  • Provide acceptable identification documents
  • Pass driving institute training and FRSC certification
  • Pass the computer-based learners exam
  • Pass the practical driving test to demonstrate adequate skills
  • Be medically fit with good eyesight
  • Have a valid form of residency in Nigeria
  • Submit all required fees and paperwork

Steps to Get New Driver’s License in Nigeria

Follow these key steps to obtain a new driver’s license in Nigeria:

Step 1: Obtain Your Learner’s Permit

  • Visit any FRSC licensing office and fill out application form.
  • Provide originals of identity, age proof, and residency documents.
  • Pass computer-based test to get your learner’s permit.
  • Permit is valid for 6 months. Practice driving only with supervision.

Step 2: Enroll in a Driving School

  • Join an accredited driving school for training on your vehicle class.
  • Attend theory classes on road rules and practical sessions on-road.
  • Get FRSC certification after completing the training curriculum.

Step 3: Book Driving Test Appointment

  • Take an appointment for the driving test at your nearest FRSC office.
  • Attend test with your learner’s permit, school certification, ID and other documents.

Step 4: Pass Driving Test

  • The FRSC officer will assess your driving skills on public roads during the test.
  • If you successfully demonstrate competence, you pass the driving test.

Step 5: Obtain Your Drivers License

  • Submit application, passport photos, driving test pass certificate and fees.
  • Upon approval, you will be issued the new plastic card license within a few days.

You can now legally drive in Nigeria using your new license.

Documents Required for Obtaining Nigerian Driver’s License

When applying, you must provide:

  • Application form with passport photographs
  • Birth certificate or age declaration affidavit
  • Valid learner permit
  • National ID card or passport
  • Driving school certification
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • Driving test pass certificate
  • Proof of state of residence in Nigeria
  • License fees payment receipt

Fees for Acquiring Nigerian Driver’s License

Below are the prevailing fees charged by the FRSC:

  • Learner’s permit: N2,000
  • New driver’s license: N6,000
  • License renewal: N4,000
  • License reissue: N4,000
  • Change of information: N5,000

Renewing Expired Nigerian Driver’s License

To renew an expired license in Nigeria:

  • Visit FRSC office within 1 year after license expiry.
  • Fill out renewal application form and undertake eye test.
  • Submit renewed medical report and valid residency proofs.
  • Pay prescribed renewal fees.
  • Renewed license will be issued on completing process.

Replacing Lost, Stolen or Damaged License

If your Nigerian license is lost or stolen:

  • File a police report regarding missing license.
  • Visit FRSC office and fill out replacement form.
  • Provide copy of police report, along with passport photos and residency proof.
  • Pay replacement fees and processing will begin.
  • Collected the reprinted license within 2-3 weeks.

Converting Foreign Driver’s License to Nigerian License

  • Check if reciprocal agreement exists between Nigeria and country of your license.
  • Visit FRSC office with form, original foreign license, passport, and proofs.
  • Undertake vision test and pay conversion fees.
  • If approved, your foreign license will be converted to a Nigerian license.

Traffic Rules and Regulations in Nigeria

Key traffic rules to follow in Nigeria include:

  • Drive on the right side of the road always.
  • Observe speed limits – 50km/hr in cities, 80km/hr on highways.
  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  • Use of seat belts is compulsory for all occupants.
  • Talking on cell phones without hands-free devices while driving is prohibited.
  • Causing accidents through dangerous driving can lead to revocation of license.
  • Traffic police can confiscate licenses for violations.
  • Penalties like fines, suspensions, jail time can be imposed for breaching road rules.

Safe Driving Tips in Nigeria

Practice these defensive and safe driving habits in Nigeria:

  • Obtain adequate driving lessons and training before solo driving.
  • Check mirrors and blind spots regularly when changing lanes.
  • Maintain safe distance from vehicle ahead.
  • Avoid getting distracted by cellphones or passengers while driving.
  • Look out for pedestrians, cyclists, stray animals on the road.
  • Strictly follow speed limits based on location.
  • Use seat belts and ensure all occupants wear it too.
  • Be extra vigilant near schools, hospitals and high traffic zones.
  • If an accident occurs, stop your vehicle and call the police.
  • Avoid driving when very tired or if your vision is blurred.

FAQs on Nigeria Driving Licence

Q1: How long is a Nigerian driver’s license valid for?

A: Nigerian driver’s licenses are valid for a period of 3 years from the date of issuance before renewal is required.

Q2: What is the minimum age to obtain a driver’s license in Nigeria?

A: The minimum age to obtain a driver’s license in Nigeria is 18 years for commercial licenses and 16 years for private vehicle licenses.

Q3: What documents do I need to change the address on my Nigerian license?

A: You will need your current license, proof of new residence address, passport photos, and completed address change application form to change your address on the Nigerian driving license.