Ohio BMV Bureau of Motor Vehicles

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) is responsible for vehicle registration, driver’s licensing, and records management for drivers and vehicles in the state. This overview covers the major services provided by the Ohio BMV.


The BMV provides hundreds of forms for handling Ohio vehicle paperwork including:

  • Title transfers
  • Registration renewals
  • License and ID applications
  • Address changes
  • Custom license plates
  • Driving record requests

Many basic BMV forms can be downloaded online as printable PDFs. Other specialized filings must be completed in person atagency locations.

Registration Renewal Ohio BMV Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Ohio drivers can renew their vehicle registration in several convenient ways:

  • Online
  • By mail
  • In person
  • At authorized third-party providers
  • At self-service kiosks

To renew online, you’ll need your license plate number, vehicle information, insurance details, and payment. Recently expired plates can be renewed online in many cases.

Appointment Scheduling

Ohio BMV locations now offer scheduled appointments in advance for:

  • Knowledge and road testing
  • License issuance and renewals
  • Vehicle title transfers
  • Registration services
  • Reinstatement and compliance issues

Appointments minimize wait times. Schedule online or by phone per location.

  • Driver Exam Stations

The Ohio BMV has over 140 exam stations to conduct:

  • Knowledge testing
  • Road skills testing
  • Motorcycle licensing
  • CDL licensing

Testing location finder tools and study guides for exams are all available on the BMV website.

2024 Drivers Manual

Ohio updates its Drivers Manual every 2-3 years. The latest 2024 manual covers:

  • Ohio traffic laws
  • Safe driving tips
  • License process
  • Renewal and transfer guidelines
  • Test requirements
  • Special driving conditions

Download the free 2024 Ohio Drivers Manual to study for your temps test or brush up on the rules before your license renewal.

License Renewals Ohio BMV Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Ohio drivers must renew their licenses every 4 years on their birthday. The BMV sends a renewal notice in the mail about 90 days prior to expiration. Licenses can be renewed:

  • Online
  • By mail
  • In person

You may need to provide updated identity verification. License renewal fees start at $8 for a basic license. Additional fees apply for compliant licenses needed for federal ID purposes.

License Plates

Beyond basic plates, the Ohio BMV offers over 200 special and personalized plates including:

  • Collegiate plates
  • Sports teams
  • Awareness causes
  • Commemorative issues
  • Custom text/number combinations

Fees and requirements for custom Ohio plates vary by type ordered. Specific details can be found in the Plates section of the BMV site.

Drivers License

To get an Ohio driver’s license, new drivers must:

  • Pass the knowledge test for a temporary permit
  • Hold their permit for 6 months
  • Pass the road skills test

Those under 18 must complete additional supervised driving time. Full unrestricted licenses are issued at age 18. Other licenses like motorcycle and CDL credentials have additional requirements.

Contact BMV

Contact information for general Ohio BMV inquiries:

The BMV website covers all processes from booking appointments to providing fee estimates to downloading forms.

Ohio BMV Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to 5 common questions fielded by the Ohio BMV:

What forms of payment are accepted for fees?

The Ohio BMV accepts cash, check, Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express to cover licensing and registration fees in office and online.

Can I renew my temporary permit online?

No, temporary permits for those between the ages of 15 and 18 must be renewed in-person at an Deputy Registrar’s office by law.

What address should I use when completing BMV paperwork?

Always use your current, legal Ohio home address on BMV paperwork, never list a P.O. Box as your residence address.

How many written tests are required for a motorcycle license?

Two – you must pass the Vision Screening and a separate Motorcycle Class D Knowledge Test with scores of at least 80% to obtain your motorcycle endorsement.

Who must comply with REAL ID requirements?

Starting May 2023, all passengers 18+ will need a REAL ID or passport for domestic flights. REAL IDs have extra validation steps, indicated by a star on your license.

  1. For more BMV-related questions, check the official BMV website or contact your local Ohio BMV region.

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