Peru Driving Licence or Driver Permit

Peru Driving Licence : Having a valid Paraguay driver’s license allows you to legally operate motor vehicles on Paraguay’s roads and highways.

This guide covers applying for a new license, renewing an expired license, replacing a lost or stolen one, changing your address, taking the driver’s exam, paying traffic fines, and following Paraguay’s driving laws.

Getting a New Peru Driving Licence

Follow these key steps to obtain your first Paraguay driver’s license:

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years old for a full license.
  • Pass the required written traffic laws and signs exam.
  • Pass the practical road driving test.
  • Provide proper identification documents.
  • Get a medical certificate from an authorized professional.
  • Pay license application fees.

Required Documents

To apply for a new Paraguay driver’s license you’ll need:

  • Valid passport and a photocopy.
  • Paraguay national ID card or residency visa.
  • Proof of Paraguay residence address.
  • Completed license application form.
  • Medical certificate from an approved clinic.
  • Four passport sized photos.
  • Application fee payment receipt.

Written Traffic Laws Exam

  • Study the driving regulations handbook to prepare.
  • The exam covers traffic signs, signals, laws, fines and safe driving practices.
  • It consists of 50 multiple choice questions. You need at least 45 correct answers to pass.
  • Tests are offered in Spanish and Guaraní languages.

Driving Skills Test

  • Take a registered practice vehicle for the road test.
  • You will be evaluated on skills like parking, turns, lane changes, observation.
  • Any dangerous errors like disregarding stop signs can result in instant failure.
  • Examiners check your control, judgement and response to hazards.

License Fees

  • Fees for a new Paraguay license range from 500,000 – 1,500,000 Guaraníes.
  • Fees vary based on the license class for cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles.
  • Payment must be made before booking and taking the exams.

Renewing a Paraguay Driver’s License

  • Paraguay licenses are valid for 5 years.
  • Renewal can be done within 6 months before expiration.
  • Bring your expired license and documentation to the license office.
  • Pay renewal fee of around 1,000,000 Guaraníes.
  • Get a new photo and updated license printed.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen License

If your Paraguay driver’s license is lost or stolen:

  • File a police report regarding the lost or stolen license.
  • Bring the police report to the license office and fill out the replacement form.
  • Provide identification documents like passport or national ID card.
  • Pay replacement fee of around 500,000 Guaraníes.
  • Have a new photo taken and get your replacement license.

Changing Your Address on License

When you change residence address in Paraguay:

  • Bring proof of new address like rental contract or utility bill.
  • Go to the license office and fill out address change notification form.
  • Pay small admin fee for printing new license.
  • Your updated license will be issued with your new address.

Tips for Taking the Paraguay Driver’s Exam

Here are some useful tips for taking the Paraguay driver’s license exam:

  • Thoroughly study the driving regulations manual before the test.
  • Get sufficient practice driving with an experienced licensed driver.
  • Arrive early at the testing center with all required documents.
  • Follow all the examiner’s instructions during the road test.
  • Pay attention to speed limits, traffic signals, signs, and markings.
  • Perform maneuvers like parking, 3-point turns, lane changes safely.

Paraguay Traffic Fines and Regulations

As a driver in Paraguay, you must follow these rules or risk fines:

  • Drive on the right side of the road.
  • Obey speed limits – 60km/hr in urban areas, 100km/hr on highways.
  • Do not drive after drinking alcohol – BAC limit is 0.06mg/L.
  • Always wear seat belts and ensure passengers wear them too.
  • Use hands-free devices only when making calls/texting while driving.
  • Traffic violation fines start from ₲250,000 Guaraníes.

Getting Paraguay Driver’s License Services

The National Transport Directorate (DINATRAN) provides these services at offices across Paraguay:

  • License applications, renewals, replacements and address changes.
  • Payment of traffic violation fines.
  • Booking and taking theory and practical driving tests.
  • Verifying driver’s license records and penalty points.
  • Issuing International Driving Permits.

FAQs on Peru Driving Licence

1. How can I make an appointment for a driving test in Paraguay?

You can book driving test appointments online via the DINATRAN website or by visiting your local office. Bring required documents and payment.

2. Can I drive in Paraguay with just an International Driving Permit?

No, an IDP is valid only when accompanied by your original home country license. Get a Paraguayan license after becoming a resident.

3. What type of vehicles can you drive with a provisional license in Paraguay?

A provisional license allows you to drive a light motor vehicle up to 1.5 tons. You cannot drive motorcycles or heavy vehicles.

4. Is my driver’s license from Argentina valid for driving in Paraguay?

Yes, Argentine licenses are valid for short visits up to 90 days. Residents need to apply for a Paraguayan license within 60 days.

5. Do I need to take a driving test to renew my expired Paraguay license?

If your license has been expired for over 3 years, you will have to retake the written and practical driving tests to get a new one.


I hope this guide on obtaining a Paraguay driver’s license or permit has been helpful. Remember to always drive safely by following Paraguay’s traffic rules and regulations. Carry your valid Paraguayan license at all times when operating a motor vehicle.