Rent a Car for Travel in Fukuoka

As Japan’s culinary capital famed for tonkotsu ramen and fresh seafood, vibrant Fukuoka also serves as a convenient gateway for exploring the rest of Kyushu region. Beyond the lively downtown canal-side bars under glittering neon lights, renting a car opens roads to personalized journeys across southern Japan – from wandering quaint fishing villages to revving around racing circuits to capturing iconic Spirit Island views across caldera lakes at your own pace.

Benefits of Renting a Car in Fukuoka

Having your own set of rental wheels while visiting Fukuoka delivers advantages:

Regional Accessibility

A rental car allows you to follow your own interests across Kyushu at will – from mystical Takachiho gorge to the active volcanic hells of Ibusuki and Kagoshima to charming Nagasaki further afield.

Seamless Airport Pickup

Avoid crowded shuttle buses by smoothly driving your Fukuoka Airport rental pick-up directly to begin personalized adventures across Japan’s scenic south island.

Comfort and Cargo Room

Travel securely together with family/friends plus ample luggage capacity without crowds or public transport connections. Easily store shopping purchases, camera gear or take-away meals.

Cost Savings

The flexibility of a rental car often compares affordably to accumulating individual taxi, train or tour bus fares – especially for groups of 3-4 splitting costs.

Custom Adventures

Go wherever your Kyushu heart desires on your own schedule and itinerary priorities without dependence on public transport timetables or inflexible tour agendas. Make more memories.

Where to Rent a Car in Fukuoka

As Kyushu’s largest metropolis, Fukuoka offers extensive car rental choices across providers conveniently situated near transit hubs:

Fukuoka Airport Rentals

Internationally recognized agencies like Nippon, Orix, Times Car Plus and Toyota Rent-a-Car operate large rental desks directly inside the domestic and international airport terminals.

Hakata Station Outlets

The busy JR and subway transport interchange downtown also hosts car rental counters from brands like Mazda, Nissan and Nikon within the station complex.

Additional City Locations

Extra neighborhood rental shops scatter around main Fukuoka districts like Tenjin CBD and tourist zones near Canal City entertainment complex to serve various visitor lodging situations.

AreaSample Locations
TenjinImaizumi 1-Chōme – Imaizumi station
Hakata StationHakataekichūōgai – Kotsuin station
Canal CitySumiyoshi 1 Chome – Nakasu-kawabata station
RopponmatsuRopponmatsu 4 Chome – Sawara station

Table: Some prime rental car spots across central Fukuoka

Driving Tips for Exploring Fukuoka Region

Follow these suggestions for safely navigating Fukuoka’s roads and chasing Kyushu horizons with your rental:

Obtain an International Driving Permit

Acquire an IDP before arrival alongside your domestic license as legally required for foreign drivers in Japan. Carry documentation to simplify police procedures if any incidents occur.

Adjust to Local Conditions

Grow accustomed to Japanese driving conventions like yielding to merging traffic and pedestrians even without signals. Streets stay orderly but narrow with little shoulder space.

Carry Cash for Expressways

Japan’s quick but pricey motorway toll network requires having cash on hand for efficient long distance travel. Consider toll costs when mapping routes.

Use Google Maps Selectively

While helpful for basic navigating, default Google routing lacks specificity for truly optimizing backroad discoveries across Kyushu’s breathtaking landscapes.

Refuel Early and Often

Queue promptly upon seeing operational petrol stands during road trips given long remote distances between some rural sightseeing spots across regions like Kagoshima or Miyazaki prefectures.

Frequently Asked Questions about Renting a Car in Fukuoka

What documents do I need to rent a vehicle?

Legally you must provide an International Driver’s Permit alongside your domestic license to drive in Japan, along with passport, credit card and possibly proof of return ticket.

What side do Japanese cars drive on?

Like the rest of Asia, vehicles in Japan operate on the left hand side of the road with the steering wheel on the right side of the car.

What transmission types are readily available?

While manual shift cars remain common across Japan, most international rental brands catering to foreign visitors offer automatic transmission economy hatchbacks through premium sedans. Inquire when booking if critical.

Can I take a rental car on a ferry to other parts of Japan?

You may transport a rental vehicle via ferry unless specifically prohibited under your rental contract, although fees and paperwork vary by provider. Discuss particular routes with counter staff beforehand.


While Fukuoka city offers walkable canal-side entertainment and efficient subway connections, having your own set of rental car wheels provides personalized flexibility chasing your Kyushu horizons – from the iconic vista of Nagasaki’s Mount Inasa Lookout to the heavenly seaside sanctuary of Karatsu Kunchi Festival without fixed agendas. Booking an optimized rental vehicle sized right for your travel party ensures comfort reveling in Japan’s southern island at your own pace. Your Fukuoka road trip awaits!