Rent a Car for Travel in Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru, commonly referred to as JB, is a major city located at the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia. It serves as a popular gateway for visitors coming into Malaysia from neighboring Singapore. Renting a car enables you to conveniently explore Johor Bahru’s top attractions, sample great local cuisine, and venture on exciting day trips across the state of Johor.

Benefits of Renting a Car in Johor Bahru

Having your own set of wheels in Johor Bahru provides advantages such as:

  • Freedom – Create your own itinerary and go wherever you want, when you want
  • Flexibility – Make spontaneous changes in plans and easily visit sites outside the city
  • Convenience – Travel directly from point to point instead of relying on public transport
  • Accessibility – Reach destinations not easily accessible by buses or trains
  • Comfort – Stop for breaks whenever needed and travel with ample luggage
  • Affordability – Cheaper than relying on metered taxis for everyday transportation
  • City Exploration – Cruise JB’s streets to uncover hidden food and cultural gems

Types of Rental Cars Available in Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru offers a range of rental vehicles from major companies:

  • Economy – Smaller cars like Perodua Axia ideal for easy parking and city driving
  • Compact Sedans – Models like Toyota Vios suitable for 2-3 passengers
  • Standard Sedans – Roomier cars like Honda City to comfortably fit 4 adults
  • SUVs – Spacious 4x4s like Toyota Fortuner for rougher terrain
  • Vans – Large 8-seater vehicles like Nissan Serena for big groups and luggage
  • Luxury Cars – Indulge in premium models like Mercedes, BMW or Audi
  • Specialty Cars – Unique options like convertibles, vintage and sports cars

Where to Rent a Car in Johor Bahru

Major car rental locations in the city include:

  • Senai International Airport – Counters located in the airport arrival hall
  • JB Sentral train station – Pick-up and drop-off counters right at the terminal
  • Hotels – Many major hotels offer car rental partnerships for guests
  • City Center – Various rental sites located downtown near shopping malls
  • Online booking – Reserve ahead online for the best rates and availability

Where to Rent a Car in Johor Bahru

Bring the following when picking up your rental:

  • Valid driver’s license – Accepted licenses include Malaysian, Singaporean and International
  • Passport – Necessary for foreign tourists to present as identification
  • Credit card – Required to pay for the rental fees and provide a deposit
  • International Driving Permit – Recommended to carry with license as translation

Driving Laws and Rules in Johor Bahru

Familiarize yourself with these laws before driving your rental:

  • Drive on the left-hand side of the road
  • Driver and all passengers must wear seat belts
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited
  • Using a handheld mobile phone while driving is illegal
  • Observe speed limits – generally 90km/h on expressways, 50km/h in urban areas
  • Motorcyclists must always wear helmets by law
  • Give way to traffic from the right at unmarked intersections
  • Be alert for motorcycles weaving between lanes
  • Carry your driver’s license and IDP when driving

Top Destinations to Visit By Rental Car from Johor Bahru

A rental car allows easy access to top attractions around Johor Bahru and beyond:

  • Legoland Malaysia – Just 30 min from JB, fun family theme park based on Lego bricks
  • Desaru beaches – Stunning stretches of sand on Malaysia’s east coast, 1 hour drive
  • Endau Rompin National Park – Pristine rainforest with lush trails and waterfalls. 2 hour drive.
  • Kota Tinggi Waterfalls – Enjoy the majestic view at Johor’s tallest waterfall. 1 hour drive.
  • Mount Ophir – Hike Malaysia’s highest peak located within a lush forest reserve. 2 hour drive.
  • Kluang – Quaint town popular for local coffee and street art. 1 hour drive.
  • Mersing – Coastal town and gateway to Tioman Island. 2 hour drive.
  • Malacca – Historic state rich in multicultural heritage. 2-3 hour drive.

Driving Tips for Johor Bahru

Here are some driving tips for navigating Johor Bahru safely:

  • Bring a GPS or rent one with your car as signage can be unclear.
  • Be alert for scooters and motorcycles darting through traffic. Keep distance from other vehicles.
  • Plan routes ahead of time using Google Maps to avoid getting lost.
  • Carry some Malaysian Ringgit in small notes for parking fees and tolls.
  • At petrol stations, wait for attendants and do not self-service.
  • Do not stop or park on highways – only at designated rest areas.
  • Avoid leaving any valuables visible when parking in public spots.
  • Report any accidents immediately to rental company and authorities.
  • Keep doors locked while driving in cities and avoid leaving car idling.
  • Have rental agency’s contact number handy in case any issues arise.

FAQs about Renting a Car in Johor Bahru

What is the minimum age to rent a car in Johor Bahru?

The minimum age is typically 23-25 for most companies. Some may rent to ages 18-20 with added fees.

Can foreigners rent a car with just an international license?

Yes, foreign licenses are accepted but an IDP is recommended.

Are child seats provided with car rentals in JB?

Child seats are available upon request for an added daily fee. Reserve them in advance due to limited supply.


Renting a car is the ideal way to enjoy flexibility and ease getting around Johor Bahru. Despite Malaysia’s reputation for chaotic roads, cautious driving and planning will ensure a smooth rental experience. With the freedom of your own transportation, you can eat and adventure your way across fascinating Johor at your own comfortable pace


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