Rent a Car for Travel in Rhodes

The Greek island of Rhodes is a fantastic destination for travellers looking to explore ancient sites, beautiful beaches, and picturesque villages. Renting a car during your time on Rhodes can make getting around this large island quick and convenient.

Benefits of Renting a Car in Rhodes

Renting a car provides many advantages for exploring Rhodes:

  • Freedom and Flexibility – With your own wheels you can fully customize your itinerary without relying on group tours or public transport schedules.
  • Access to More of the Island – Rhodes is quite large with many sights spread out. A car allows you to easily access remote beaches, mountain towns and ancient sites.
  • Convenience – Driving yourself cuts out travel time between sights versus using buses or taxis. You also avoid having to haggle for the price with every ride.
  • Affordability – Car rentals are quite affordable in Rhodes, especially if splitting costs between travellers. Taxis and tours can add up quickly.
  • Comfort – Being able to stop whenever you want or return to your hotel for a break makes for a more relaxed vacation.

Types of Cars Available for Rent

Rhodes has branches of major international rental companies plus local agencies. Here are some of the main vehicle types available:

  • Economy – Small hatchbacks like Fiat Panda. Best for 1-2 people with limited luggage. Good on gas and easy to park.
  • Compact – Larger hatchbacks like Ford Focus suitable for 2-3 people. More space for bags.
  • Standard – Sedans like Toyota Corolla or similar. Comfortably fits 4 adults plus luggage. One of the most popular choices.
  • Minivan – Spacious vans like the Renault Trafic are great for 4+ people and lots of bags.
  • SUV / 4×4 – Jeep Wrangler or Toyota Rav4 type vehicles for off-road ability and rugged island terrain.
  • Luxury / Convertible – Treat yourself by renting an Audi, BMW convertible or other high-end vehicle.
  • Electric vehicle – A few agencies offer electric cars for an eco-friendly drive around the island. Limited range.

Documentation Required to Rent a Car

Be sure to have the following documents handy when picking up your rental car in Rhodes:

  • Valid driver’s license – Must have been held for 1+ year in most cases. International Driver’s Permit recommended.
  • Passport – Required for non-EU nationals. EU nationals can use a national identity card.
  • Credit card – Major cards like Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted. Debit cards not accepted.
  • Voucher – Any booking voucher if you reserved your rental car online in advance.

Where to Rent a Car in Rhodes

There are plenty of car rental locations across the island:

  • Rhodes Airport – Pick-up/drop-off right at the airport arrivals section. Most major agencies available.
  • Rhodes Port – Convenient for ferry arrivals. Has counters for pick-up and drop-off.
  • Rhodes City – Various scattered offices and parking garages downtown. Allows city hotel pickups.
  • Resort Towns – Many agencies have locations in Lindos, Kiotari, Pefkos, Faliraki etc for easy access.
  • Online – Book ahead of arrival for the best rates, availability, and ease of airport collection.

Driving Laws and Rules in Rhodes

Driving in Rhodes and Greece follows European standards:

  • Drive on the right-hand side of the road
  • Seatbelt use is mandatory for driver and all passengers
  • Children under 12 must be in proper child restraints in the back seat
  • DUI limit is 0.05% BAC – Don’t drink and drive
  • Holders of non-EU licenses must get an International Driving Permit
  • Headlights must be on at all times while driving
  • Speed limits are generally 50km/h in towns/villages, 90km/h on open roads
  • Be mindful of pedestrians and cyclists on narrow roads
  • Park only in legal public parking areas to avoid fines

Top Sights to Visit By Rental Car in Rhodes

Having your own wheels makes it easy to explore top attractions around Rhodes:

Acropolis of Lindos

Ancient Acropolis dating back to 300 BC perched on a cliff with stunning sea views.

Valley of the Butterflies

See colorful swarms of butterflies from June to September in this lush inland gorge.

Anthony Quinn Bay

Beautiful white pebble beach with turquoise waters and spectacular rock formations.

Seven Springs

Seven natural springs flowing through a verdant canyon forest. Great hiking trails.

Monolithos Castle

15th century castle ruins on a seaside cliff with sweeping vistas.

Kallithea Springs

Historic 1930s spa site with striking Italo-Byzantine architecture nestled by the sea.

Tsambika Beach

Sandy beach known for its tall cliff with a small monastery at the top.


Ruins of a temple dedicated to the ancient Greek god of medicine Asklipios.

Archangelos Castle

Impressive medieval castle in a scenic mountain village in the island’s interior.

Petaloudes (Valley of the Butterflies)

See colorful swarms of butterflies at this protected park from June to September.

Driving Tips for Rhodes Island

Follow these tips to make your self-drive trip around Rhodes go smoothly:

  • Get a small car for easy maneuvering and parking on Rhodes’ narrow roads.
  • Allow more time for trips as mountain roads have twists and turns.
  • Print or download offline maps on your phone as data coverage can be spotty.
  • Fill your petrol tank regularly as gas stations can be scarce in remote areas.
  • Have some cash on hand for parking meters and tolls that don’t accept cards.
  • Carefully inspect your rental for any prior damage and note it on the contract.
  • Avoid driving at nighttime as roads are poorly lit and animals like goats may appear.
  • Don’t leave valuables visible in your parked car or overnight in the trunk.
  • Driving in high heels is not recommended due to Rhodes’ hilly terrain and cobblestone streets.

FAQs about Renting a Car in Rhodes

What is the minimum age to rent a car in Rhodes?

The minimum age is usually 21 years old, but some agencies allow rentals starting at 18 years old for an added young driver fee.

Are international driving permits required in Rhodes?

While not always mandatory, having an IDP along with your native license simplifies the rental process.

What side of the road do Rhodesians drive on?

Rhodes drives on the right-hand side of the road, like the rest of continental Europe.

What kind of fuel is used in Rhodes?

Unleaded petrol and diesel are widely available at gas stations around the island.


Renting a car is one of the best ways to experience all that the stunning Greek island of Rhodes has to offer. The flexibility, freedom and convenience of having your own set of wheels lets you easily reach amazing beaches, historic sites and charming villages across this large island at your own pace. Just be sure to reserve rental cars early and brush up on local driving laws to ensure an epic and safe Rhodes road trip adventure.


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