Rent a Car for Travel in Zhuhai

Zhuhai is a beautiful coastal city in Guangdong province, China. With its sandy beaches, islands, hot springs, and theme parks, Zhuhai is a popular destination for tourists. Renting a car is a convenient way to get around and fully experience all that Zhuhai has to offer. Here is a guide on renting a car for travel in Zhuhai.

Finding a Car Rental Company in Zhuhai

There are several car rental companies available in Zhuhai to choose from:

International Companies

  • Hertz
  • Avis
  • Europcar

Local Companies

  • eHi Car Rental
  • China Auto Rental
  • Zhongguo Jichang Car Rental

When choosing a company, look for one that has convenient rental locations, especially near the airport, train stations and popular hotels. Verify insurance coverage, vehicle options, and prices to find the best deal. International companies are more expensive but may have better service for non-Chinese speakers.

Getting a Chinese Driver’s License

If you plan to drive yourself and do not have a Chinese license, you will need to apply for a temporary one. The requirements are:

  • Valid foreign driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Proof of temporary residence in Zhuhai

Take these documents to the Zhuhai Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Division to process the application. Allow at least 7 days to obtain the temporary license.

Booking Your Rental Car in Advance

It’s highly recommended to book your car rental in Zhuhai well in advance of your trip. You can reserve online with most companies. Provide details like:

  • Pick-up and drop-off dates/times
  • Pick-up and drop-off locations
  • Your driver’s license information
  • Type of vehicle preferred

Booking ahead ensures you get the best rates and vehicle availability. You can also review rental terms and options before arrival.

Common Car Rental Vehicle Types

Here are some of the most common vehicle types available for rent in Zhuhai and their best uses:


Ideal for small groups of 1-4 people. Models include:

  • Volkswagen Santana
  • Buick Excelle

Good for getting around the city and short trips. Sedans are affordable, comfortable, and easy to park.


For groups of 4-7 people. Models include:

  • Toyota RAV4
  • Nissan X-Trail

SUVs provide more space and luggage capacity. Good for exploring outskirts and longer journeys.


For large groups and families. Models include:

  • Toyota HiAce
  • Ford Transit

Vans fit 7 or more passengers with bags. Ideal for transfers from the airport or train station.

Luxury Vehicles

For special occasions. Models include:

  • Audi A6
  • BMW 5 Series

Luxury cars provide a high-end driving experience. More expensive but include top-notch service.

Inspecting your Rental Vehicle

When you pick up your rental car, conduct a thorough inspection including:

  • Check for exterior damage
  • Test all lights are working
  • Confirm tires have adequate treads
  • Check fluid levels (oil, wiper fluid etc.)
  • Ensure the gas tank is full
  • Test air conditioning, radio etc.

Note any issues on the rental agreement and point them out to the rental agent. This protects you from being responsible for pre-existing damages.

Understanding Traffic Rules in Zhuhai

Driving in China can take adjustment. Here are some key traffic rules to know in Zhuhai:

  • Drive on the right side of the road
  • Seat belts must be worn by all passengers
  • Children under 4’11” require child safety seats
  • Mobile phone use is prohibited while driving
  • Speed limits range from 30-80 km/h depending on the road
  • Running red lights will result in fines and license point deductions
  • Drink driving and driving under the influence of drugs are strictly forbidden

Obeying the laws will keep you safe and avoid legal issues. Having a rental car does not exempt you from following the rules.

Finding Parking in Zhuhai

Parking in downtown Zhuhai can be tricky. Options include:

  • On-street parking – Available in certain designated areas. Must pay at a meter or via mobile app. Time limits apply.
  • Public lots and garages – Found throughout the city. Fees are hourly, daily, or monthly.
  • Hotels – Many hotels offer parking, sometimes for a fee even for guests.
  • Rental car parking – Ask your rental company if they provide free or discounted parking.

Avoid illegal parking as fines are expensive. Be sure to park only in allowed places.

Useful Tips for Driving in Zhuhai

Follow these tips for safely navigating Zhuhai’s roads and optimizing your rental car experience:

  • Use GPS navigation apps to avoid getting lost
  • Watch out for scooters, bikes, and pedestrians ignoring traffic rules
  • Get an international driver’s permit if you don’t read Chinese
  • Carry car rental company contact details in case of breakdowns
  • Keep cash on hand for toll roads and parking fees
  • Fill up on gas whenever you see a petrol station
  • Practice defensive driving as other drivers may be aggressive

Staying alert and driving defensively will help you deal with the challenges of driving in a new city.

Top Zhuhai Attractions to Visit by Car

A rental car allows you to freely access Zhuhai’s top sights:

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

One of world’s largest aquariums with rare marine species.

Zhuhai Sand Sculpture Park

Impressive beachside park with sculptures created by international artists.

Jiuzhou Island

Scenic island with beaches, hiking trails and the Jiuzhou Tower skyscraper.

Zhongshan Park

Sprawling urban park with beautiful gardens, pavilions, and pagodas.

New Yuanming Palace

Recreation of the Old Summer Palace – a grand imperial Chinese garden.

Meixi Royal Stone Archways

Historic site with decorative triumphal arches and residences.

A rental car makes exploring farther afield easy and convenient.

5 Frequently Asked Questions about Renting a Car in Zhuhai

1. What documents do I need to rent a car in Zhuhai?

You will need your valid driver’s license, passport, and credit card for the rental deposit. An international license is recommended but a Chinese license or temporary permit also works.

2. What side of the road do people drive on in Zhuhai?

Drivers stay on the right side of the road in Zhuhai, as with the rest of mainland China.

3. What if I get into an accident with my rental car?

Immediately contact the police and your rental company. File a report with your rental agent and contact your travel insurance provider if injuries or major damages are involved.

4. Are taxes and insurance fees included in rental car rates in Zhuhai?

For stays over 2-3 months, leasing can become more affordable as you avoid daily rental fees. But you take on more responsibilities like registration and selling the car after. Consult rental companies on the best long stay options.


Renting a car enables you to fully experience Zhuhai at your own pace. By booking ahead, inspecting your vehicle thoroughly, following local driving laws, and using navigation apps, you can avoid issues and safely see all that this beautiful seaside destination has to offer. With scenic islands, beaches, historic sites, theme parks and more, having your own set of wheels lets you maximize your Zhuhai adventure.


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