Russia Driving Licence or Driver Permit

Russia Driving Licence : To get a driver’s license in Russia, you must:

  • Meet age and other eligibility requirements
  • Study traffic rules, road signs, and fines
  • Take compulsory theory classes at driving school
  • Pass the computer-based theory exam
  • Complete required practical driving lessons
  • Pass the on-road driving test
  • Get a medical certificate confirming fitness to drive
  • Submit license application with documents
  • Get your photo taken and receive plastic card license

Eligibility Criteria for a Russia Driving Licence

To qualify for a driver’s license in Russia, you must:

  • Be minimum 16 years old for a motorcycle, 18 years for a car
  • Pass medical examination and obtain certificate
  • Show proof of identity and residency
  • Complete required hours of driving lessons
  • Pass theory exam and driving tests

Step-by-Step Process for Getting a License

Here is an overview of the typical process for getting your first Russian driver’s license:

  • Step 1: Take compulsory theory classes at driving school
  • Step 2: Study traffic rules, fines, signs in official manual
  • Step 3: Take practical driving lessons with instructor
  • Step 4: Pass internal theory exam at driving school
  • Step 5: Get medical certificate confirming fitness to drive
  • Step 6: Schedule and pass computerized theory test
  • Step 7: Take and pass the on-road driving test
  • Step 8: Submit license application with documents
  • Step 9: Get license printed with photo

Types of Driver’s Licenses in Russia

There are different license categories issued in Russia based on vehicle type:

  • Category A – Motorcycles
  • Category B – Cars up to 3,500 kg
  • Category C – Trucks over 3,500 kg
  • Category D – Buses and passenger vehicles
  • Category BE – Car + small trailer
  • Category CE – Trucks + trailers
  • Category DE – Buses + trailers
  • Category Tm – Tramways
  • Category Tb – Trolleybuses

How to Renew Your Russian Driver’s License

To renew your Russian driver’s license:

  • Check expiration date on license and ensure it’s due
  • Get new medical certificate confirming fitness to drive
  • Complete license renewal application form
  • Submit form at traffic police office with documents
  • Pay renewal fee of 800 RUB
  • Get new photo taken and eyesight tested
  • Pass computerized traffic rules re-exam
  • Receive updated plastic card license

Documents Required for Renewal

  • Expired Russian driver’s license
  • New medical certificate
  • Passport and documentation
  • Completed application form
  • Passport photos
  • Fee payment

Replacing a Lost or Damaged Russian License

If your Russian driver’s license is lost, stolen or damaged, you must replace it within 30 days by:

  • Reporting loss/damage to police and getting certificate
  • Going to traffic police office in-person
  • Filling out application for replacement
  • Providing police report and passport
  • Taking new passport-size photos
  • Paying replacement fee of 2000 RUB
  • Taking computerized traffic rules re-exam
  • Receiving replacement plastic card license

You’ll get a temporary permit valid for 30 days until the new license is ready.

Changing Your Address on Your License

When you change your official residential address in Russia, you must update your driver’s license within 30 days by:

  • Visiting your local traffic police office
  • Filling out the change of address application
  • Providing passport and proof of new address
  • Paying fee of 350 RUB for address change
  • Getting updated plastic card license with new address

You will receive a temporary paper license until the permanent one is ready.

Taking the Theory and Practical Driving Tests

To qualify for a Russian driver’s license, you must pass a theory test and practical driving test.

Theory Test

  • Computer-based multiple choice test
  • Tests knowledge of road signs, rules, fines
  • Offered in many languages
  • 40 questions with 60 minute limit
  • Must score at least 36 out of 40 to pass

Practical Driving Test

  • On-road driving test in candidate’s vehicle
  • Assesses driving skills like parking, maneuvers
  • Driving inspector provides instructions
  • Fails result from dangerous errors
  • Takes approximately 30 minutes

Traffic Violations, Penalties and License Suspension

Driving violations may result in fines, penalties, and license suspension:

Examples of Fines

Speeding500-5000 RUB
Running red light1000 RUB
No seat belt1000 RUB
Distracted driving1500-2000 RUB
Drunk driving30,000 RUB

License Suspension

  • 12+ penalty points = Suspension up to 6 months
  • Major violations = Suspension up to 2 years
  • Drunk driving = 1-2 year suspension

Driver’s License Fees in Russia

Here are some common Russian driver’s license fees:

New license2000-4000 RUB
License renewal800 RUB
Replacement license2000 RUB
Change of address350 RUB
International driving permit1600 RUB
Theory test800 RUB
Practical test1500-3000 RUB

FAQs on Russia Driving Licence

1. How old do you need to be to get a license in Russia?

The minimum age is 16 for a motorcycle license and 18 for a car license in Russia.

2. What is the validity period of a Russian driver’s license?

A Russian driver’s license is typically valid for 10 years from the date of issue before requiring renewal.

3. Can I drive in other countries with a Russian license?

A Russian license is valid in some former Soviet countries. An IDP is recommended internationally.

4. How many questions are on the Russian theory test?

The Russian theory test has 40 multiple choice questions. You need at least 36 correct to pass.

5. Do I need to take driving lessons before getting a license?

Yes, you must complete compulsory theory and practical driving lessons before taking the license tests.