Somalia Driving Licence or Driver Permit

Somalia Driving Licence : Getting a driver’s license in Somalia allows you the freedom and convenience to drive legally. Here is a comprehensive guide to obtaining your Somalia driving license.

How to Get a New Somalia Driving Licence

Follow these key steps to apply for and get a new driving license in Somalia:

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum age is 18 years for regular license, 21 years for commercial license.
  • Must pass required written test and driving road test.
  • Submit medical certificate and eye test report.
  • Provide documents like ID proof, age proof, address proof etc.

Types of Licenses

  • Regular License – For driving non-commercial vehicles like cars, SUVs etc.
  • Commercial License – Required for driving heavy vehicles like trucks, buses etc.
  • Motorcycle License – For riding motorbikes, scooters, mopeds etc.
  • International Driving Permit – Allows driving in foreign countries along with local license.

Documents Required

  • Application form
  • ID proof like National ID, passport etc
  • Age proof like birth certificate, passport
  • Residence proof like utility bill, bank statement
  • Photographs and medical/eye test certificates

Written Test on Traffic Rules

  • Covers road signs, markings, traffic regulations and safety.
  • Passing score is 80% in the multiple choice written test.

Driving Test

  • Assesses driving skills like parking, turns, lane changes etc.
  • Score 80% in practical test to pass.

License Fee

  • Pay applicable license fees to complete process.
  • Fee depends on license type, validity period etc.

New License Issuance

  • After completing process, new license will be issued.
  • Check all details like name, DOB, validity period are correct.

Renewing your Somalia Driving License

Follow below steps to renew your Somalia driving license:

  • Licenses can be renewed 30 days before expiry date.
  • Visit transport department and submit renewal application.
  • Undergo vision test at approved center and provide certificate.
  • Pay renewal fees, usually 50% of new license cost.
  • Get renewed license with updated validity.

Replacing Lost/Stolen Driving License

If your Somalia driving license is lost or stolen, here is how to get a duplicate license issued:

  • File police complaint about lost or stolen license.
  • Submit police complaint copy along with ID proof and affidavit to transport department.
  • Pay replacement fees for duplicate license.
  • New license will be issued with same validity period.

Changing Address on Driving License

Follow below procedure if you have changed residence and need address change on driving license:

  • Provide documents like existing license, new address proof, ID proof with old address details.
  • Visit transport department and submit change of address application.
  • Pay requisite fees for updating address on license.
  • You will receive an updated license with new address.

Applying for an International Driving Permit

To legally drive in foreign countries with your Somalia license, apply for an International Driving Permit:

  • Must hold valid Somalia driving license for minimum 6 months.
  • Submit license, passport, passport photos and IDP application.
  • Pay International Driving Permit fees.
  • IDP will be issued within 3-5 working days.
  • Carry both Somalia license and IDP when driving overseas.

Traffic Rules, Regulations and Fines in Somalia

Here are some key traffic and road safety rules to follow in Somalia:

  • Drinking and Driving – Strictly prohibited with heavy fines up to $1000 and imprisonment.
  • Speed Limits – Limit is 60km/hr in cities, 80km/hr on highways. Fines for overspeeding.
  • Seat Belts – Compulsory for driver and all passengers. Fine for non-compliance.
  • Mobile Phone Use – Prohibited while driving except hands-free devices.
  • Traffic Signals – Must obey all traffic lights, signs and road markings.
  • Documents – Driving license, vehicle papers, insurance must be carried at all times.
  • Accidents – Driver must stop and assist injured persons in any accident case.
  • Fines – On spot fines, penalties or suspension/cancellation of license for violations.

Following the traffic rules and driving safely is important to avoid fines and penalties.

FAQ on Somalia Driving Licence

Q1. What is the minimum age to get a Somalia driving license?

The minimum age is 18 years for a regular private vehicle license. For commercial vehicles it is 21 years.

Q2. What documents do I need to apply for a new Somalia driving license?

You need to provide documents like application form, ID proof, age proof, address proof, photos, medical certificate and eye test report.

Q3. How can I schedule my driving license test in Somalia?

You can book an appointment for the written driving test online on the transport department website. For the road test, the date is given after clearing the written test.

Q4. What is the maximum validity period of Somalia driving license?

A regular private vehicle license has a maximum validity period of 10 years. Commercial licenses are valid for 5 years.

Q5. Can I drive in Somalia with my International Driving Permit?

No, an IDP itself is not valid for driving in Somalia. You need to carry your Somalia license along with the IDP when driving in foreign countries.


I hope this detailed guide covers everything you need to know about getting your driver’s license in Somalia. Follow the step-by-step processes for getting a new license, renewal or applying for an International Driving Permit. Obeying traffic rules and driving safely will keep you secure on the roads.