Tajikistan Driving Licence or Driver Permit

Tajikistan Driving Licence : To legally operate a motor vehicle in Tajikistan, you must obtain a driver’s license issued by the Internal Affairs authorities. Here are some key requirements:

  • Minimum age is 18 years old to obtain a license.
  • Both citizens and foreign residents can apply.
  • Must pass theory exam on road rules and signs.
  • Also required to pass a practical driving test.
  • Licenses must be renewed every 10 years.

Types of Driver’s Licenses

Tajikistan issues the following categories of driving licenses:

  • Category A: For motorcycles.
  • Category B: For cars and light vehicles up to 3.5 tons.
  • Category C: For trucks and buses over 3.5 tons.
  • Category D: For tractors and agricultural vehicles.
  • Category E: For trailers and articulated vehicles.

Step-by-Step Process to Get a License

Follow these key steps to obtain your Tajik driver’s license:

1. Apply for a Learner’s Permit

  • Visit the Internal Affairs office and obtain application forms.
  • Submit required documents like passport, ID, photos, medical certificate.
  • Take basic theory test on road signs and pass.
  • Obtain 6-month provisional learner’s permit.

2. Take Compulsory Driving Lessons

  • Complete minimum 10 hours of practical driving lessons.
  • Lessons must be with a certified driving instructor.
  • Focus on vehicle control, traffic laws, defensive driving.

3. Pass the Theory Exam

  • Study the official driver’s manual carefully.
  • Take the theory exam at the Internal Affairs office.
  • Pass with a score of at least 80% correct answers.

4. Pass the Driving Test

  • Take the practical test with an examiner assessing your driving.
  • Perform actions like parking, intersections, lane changes.
  • If passed, obtain your permanent photo license.

Acquiring an International Driving Permit

With a Tajik license, you can apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP) to legally drive abroad.

To get a Tajik IDP:

  • Apply at designated post offices.
  • Submit your Tajik license, passport photos, completed application.
  • Pay required permit fees.
  • You will be issued an IDP valid for 1 year.

Over 150 countries recognize the standardized IDP.

Renewing Your Tajik License

  • Licenses must be renewed every 10 years.
  • Visit the Internal Affairs office up to 1 month before expiration.
  • Submit old license, passport, photos, medical certificate, fees.
  • Eye exam may be required for renewals.
  • A renewed license will be issued.

Replacing Lost or Damaged Licenses

If your Tajik driver’s license is lost or damaged, promptly arrange for a replacement:

  • File a police report regarding your missing license.
  • Visit Internal Affairs office and provide police report.
  • Complete application form and pay replacement fees.
  • You may need to retake the theory exam and eye test.
  • A duplicate license will then be provided.

Transferring Foreign Licenses

You can transfer a valid foreign license by:

  • Applying within 30 days of becoming a resident.
  • Providing current foreign license, certified translations, passport, photos.
  • Passing medical screening and vision exam.
  • Paying administrative transfer fees.
  • No need to take driving exams again.

Traffic Violations and Penalties

Tajikistan enforces strict traffic laws, including:

  • Speeding – Fines, license suspensions
  • Drunk Driving – Large fines, prison sentence
  • Reckless Driving – Suspension, revocation
  • Running Red Light – Fines
  • No License – Vehicle impounding
  • Multiple violations may result in revocation.

License Fees and Costs in Tajikistan

Typical license fees in Tajikistan include:

  • Learner’s permit – 60 TJS
  • Theory exam – 35 TJS
  • Practical exam – 110 TJS
  • License renewal – 55 TJS
  • Replacement license – 75 TJS
  • International driving permit – 165 TJS

Budget 500-800 TJS in total to obtain a new license.

Booking Tests and Checking Results Online

Some Internal Affairs offices in Tajikistan now offer online services for:

  • Booking theory and practical driving test slots.
  • Paying license fees securely online.
  • Checking theory and driving test results status.

Check availability of online services in your region.

FAQ on Tajikistan Driving Licence

How long are Tajik driving licenses valid for?

Licenses are generally valid for 10 years from date of issue before requiring renewal.

What is the minimum age to get a Tajik license?

The minimum age to apply for any category of driver’s license is 18 years old.

Can I drive in Tajikistan with just an International Driving Permit?

No, an IDP itself does not allow driving. You need it along with your national license.

Does Tajikistan recognize foreign licenses from all countries?

Tajikistan may recognize some foreign licenses for a limited time. Check locally.

How many times can I take the driving test?

You can take the practical test up to 3 times before having to retrain and reapply.

Is a medical certificate required for licensing in Tajikistan?

Yes, you have to submit a medical report confirming physical and mental fitness to drive.

Driving Safely on Tajikistan’s Roads

Obtaining your Tajik driver’s license grants the freedom to properly explore the beautiful country. Make sure to renew it on time and always drive cautiously obeying traffic laws.