Tunisia Driving Licence or Driver Permit

Tunisia Driving Licence : Getting a driver’s license in Tunisia allows you to legally and safely operate motor vehicles on public roads. Understanding the laws, requirements and procedures for obtaining a Tunisian driving licence is important for both visitors and residents.

Types of Driver’s Licenses in Tunisia

There are different classes of driving licenses in Tunisia:

  • Class B: For motorcycles, motor tricycles, and quads.
  • Class A: For all motor vehicles except motorcycles and heavy vehicles. This covers standard passenger cars.
  • Class C: For heavy vehicles like buses and trucks.

Requirements for Getting A Tunisia Driving Licence

Here are the basic requirements for getting a driving licence in Tunisia:

  • Minimum Age: 18 years for Class B, 21 years for Class A and C.
  • Vision Test: You’ll need to pass a vision test verifying 20/40 acuity in at least one eye with or without corrective lenses.
  • Written Test: Must pass a computerized, multiple choice written test on road signs and rules. Available in Arabic, French and English.
  • Driving Test: Need to pass a standard driving test with an examiner evaluating your practical driving skills.

New Driving Licence Application

Here is the standard process for first-time driver’s license applicants:

  • Documentation: Provide appropriate documentation like photo ID, birth certificate, Tunisian residency permit etc.
  • Enroll in Driving School: Complete 10 hours of driving lessons with an approved school.
  • Medical Certificate: Obtain a medical certificate confirming fitness to drive.
  • Written Exam: Schedule and pass a computerized written test.
  • Driving Test: Pass a practical road test with a government examiner.

Once all requirements and exams are passed, you will be issued a driver’s licence card.

Renewing Your Tunisian Driver’s License

Licenses must be renewed every 10 years in Tunisia. The procedure is straightforward:

  • Scheduling: Set up a renewal appointment at your local licensing office.
  • Documentation: Provide current license, new medical certificate, photo ID/passport, etc.
  • Updated Information: Confirm/update your personal details.
  • Vision Test: Pass a basic vision test.
  • Photos: Take new photo for updated license card.
  • Fees: Pay license renewal fees.

After confirming all information and passing vision test, your renewed license will be issued.

Replacing a Lost/Stolen Driver’s License

Here are the steps if your Tunisian driver’s license is lost, stolen or damaged:

  • Police Report: File a report about your lost/stolen license at the nearest police station.
  • Application: Bring police report to licensing office and fill out an application for a replacement license.
  • Identification: Present valid photo ID and passport.
  • Photos: Get new photos taken for your replacement card.
  • Fees: Pay applicable replacement license fees.

You will be issued a new driver’s license card with updated credentials.

Changing Your Address on A Tunisian Driver’s License

If you change residence address, the steps are:

  • Documentation: Bring current driver’s license, updated medical certificate and proof of your new address.
  • Application: Fill out application to update address at local licensing office.
  • Confirmation: Verbally confirm new address details.
  • Fees: Pay fees for updated license with changed address.

An updated license card showing your new address will be reissued.

Taking the Driver’s License Exam in Tunisia

Tips for taking your Tunisian driver’s license exam:

  • Study: Review driver’s manual and road signs to prepare for written test. Practice driving.
  • Arrive Early: Ensure you arrive at exam location well ahead of your scheduled appointment.
  • Proper Documents: Present necessary documents like sponsor letter, medical certificate, passport, etc.
  • Relax: Being calm and focused during the tests helps avoid failing from nervous mistakes.

With preparation and practice, you can pass your exams successfully on the first attempt.

Traffic Fines and Road Rules in Tunisia

It is important to know Tunisian traffic laws to avoid fines and penalties:

  • Speed Limits: Watch speed limits – inner city 40km/hr, open highway 90-110km/hr.
  • Seat Belts: Mandatory front and back seat belt use required.
  • Phones: Prohibited when driving except with permitted hands-free accessories.
  • Alcohol: Strict .02% blood alcohol concentration limit if driving.
  • Documents: Licence, registration and insurance certificates must be carried when driving.

Fines generally range from 10-100 TND depending on offense. More serious violations can result in confiscation of driver’s license.

Driving Related Services in Tunisia

Beyond obtaining your driver’s licence, useful services include:

  • Vehicle Registration: Necessary to legally own and operate any motor vehicle.
  • Car Inspections: Annual vehicle inspection required for registration renewal.
  • Drivers Education: Driving schools provide lessons and training for new drivers.
  • Car Insurance: Legally required liability insurance to cover potential accident damages.
  • Roadside Assistance: Private services offering breakdown repair assistance and towing.

Utilizing appropriate driving-related services helps maintain vehicle legality and safety.

FAQ on Tunisia Driving Licence

Can foreigners get a Tunisian driver’s license?

Yes, expats with valid Tunisian residency permits can obtain a local driver’s license by passing required exams.

What languages are the driver’s tests offered in?

Tests can be taken in Arabic, French or English. You cannot get a translator.

Is an International Driving Permit valid in Tunisia?

While IDPs are accepted, foreigners staying over 6 months should get a local Tunisian license for extended validity.

Can you drive in Tunisia with licenses from other countries?

Most foreign licenses are valid only for the first 6 months. After that getting a Tunisian driver’s license is required.

How much does it cost to get a Tunisian driver’s license?

Around 60 TND for a new license. Renewals and replacements are 30-40 TND. Extra fees apply for exams and mandatory lessons.