Turkmenistan Driving Licence or Driver Permit

Turkmenistan Driving Licence : Getting a valid driver’s license in Turkmenistan allows you to legally operate a motor vehicle on public roads. It is important to follow the proper procedures for obtaining your license.

Types of Driver’s Licenses in Turkmenistan

The classes of licenses issued in Turkmenistan include:

  • Category A: Motorcycles
  • Category B: Cars and small trucks
  • Category C: Large trucks and buses
  • Category D: Heavy trailer trucks

Requirements for Getting a Turkmenistan Driving Licence

Here are the main requirements for obtaining your first Turkmenistan driver’s license:

  • Minimum Age: 18 years old
  • Vision Test: Confirm 20/20 vision or use corrective lenses
  • Traffic Rules Exam: Pass exam on road signs and driving regulations
  • Medical Certificate: Doctor’s approval that you are fit to operate a vehicle
  • Driving Test: Demonstrate competent vehicle handling and road skills

Applying for a New Turkmenistan Driver’s License

Follow this process when applying for your first driver’s license in Turkmenistan:

  • Documents: Provide ID card, passport, residence permit, photos
  • Application: Complete license application at the Traffic Police office
  • Exams: Take necessary written and medical exams
  • Training: Complete required professional driving lessons
  • Road Test: Pass the practical behind-the-wheel driving exam

Once all requirements are fulfilled, your Turkmen driver’s license will be issued.

Renewing Your Turkmenistan Driver’s License

Licenses must be renewed every 10 years in Turkmenistan via:

  • Scheduling: Make an appointment at your local Traffic Police office
  • Documentation: Provide current license, updated medical certificate, etc.
  • Confirm Details: Verify your personal information is still accurate
  • Pay Fees: Pay license renewal fees
  • New Photos: Take new photos for your updated license card

After confirmation and fees, your renewed license will be provided.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Turkmen License

If your license is lost, stolen or damaged, take the following steps:

  • Police Report: File a report regarding your missing license at the nearest police station
  • Application: Bring police report to Traffic Police and apply for a replacement
  • Identification: Show passport, ID card or other verification certificates
  • Photos: Provide new photos for replacement license card
  • Fees: Pay applicable fees for reissuing your lost license

A duplicate Turkmen driver’s license will be produced with updated details.

Changing Your Address on a Turkmen License

When you change residence address, complete these steps:

  • Documentation: Bring current license, new medical certificate, and address proof
  • Application: Fill out application to update address at Traffic Police
  • Confirm Details: Verify new address details
  • Fees: Pay fees for reissued driver’s license with changed address

Your updated Turkmen license showing new address will be provided.

Taking the Turkmenistan Driver’s License Exam

Useful tips for taking your Turkmen driver’s license exam:

  • Study Materials: Review driver’s manual and practice tests to prepare
  • Arrive Early: Ensure you are at the exam location well before scheduled time
  • Proper Documents: Have necessary medical certificates, passport, etc.
  • Vehicle Inspection: Check exam car is working properly before road test
  • Stay Calm: Being relaxed and focused helps avoid test failure from nerves

With adequate practice, you can pass the Turkmen license exams successfully on the first try.

Traffic Fines and Regulations in Turkmenistan

It’s essential to know driving laws to avoid violations and penalties:

  • Speed Limits: Limits are 60km/hr in cities, 90km/hr on highways
  • Seat Belts: Required for all passengers
  • Mobile Phones: Prohibited when driving except with hands-free devices
  • Alcohol Limit: Maximum 0.02% blood alcohol content
  • Documents: License, vehicle papers must be in car when driving

Fines range from 50-500 Manat depending on offense. Multiple violations can lead to license suspension.

Driving Related Services in Turkmenistan

Helpful driving services in Turkmenistan include:

  • Vehicle Registration: Necessary for owning and operating any motor vehicle
  • Annual Inspections: Required safety inspections for registration renewals
  • Driving Schools: Provide driving lessons and license test preparation
  • Car Insurance: Legally required liability coverage for potential damages
  • Road Assistance: Private services for breakdown repair, towing, etc.

Using appropriate driving-related services assists with vehicle compliance and safety.

FAQ on Turkmenistan Driving Licence

Can foreigners apply for a Turkmenistan driver’s license?

Yes, those with valid Turkmen residence permits can obtain local licenses by passing written, medical and road exams.

What languages are the driver’s license exams offered in?

Licensing exams are provided in Turkmen, Russian or English per the applicant’s preference. Interpreters aren’t permitted.

How long is an International Driver’s Permit valid in Turkmenistan?

Up to one year from entry date. But foreigners residing longer should apply for a local license for ongoing legal driving privileges.

Can I drive in Turkmenistan using my license from another country?

In practice, most foreign licenses are only accepted within the first 3 months after entering Turkmenistan. After that, acquiring a local license is strongly recommended and typically enforced. Exceptions may be made in some cases.

What are the costs for obtaining a Turkmen driver’s license?

Fees vary but are typically around 350-400 Manat covering instruction, exams, license issuance and renewal every 10 years. Additional fees apply for replacing lost or damaged licenses.