Ukraine Driving Licence or Driver Permit

Ukraine Driving Licence : Obtaining a driving license in Ukraine allows you to legally operate motor vehicles on public roads. This guide covers key details on getting a new or renewing your existing Ukraine driver’s license, replacing lost or damaged licenses, changing your address, taking driving tests, understanding traffic rules and fines, and using related services.

License Application Process

Follow these main steps to apply for a new Ukraine driving license:

  • Be at least 18 years old (16-17 with parental approval)
  • Get an application form from designated centers
  • Complete identity verification requirements
  • Pass theory test on road rules
  • Pass practical driving assessment
  • Obtain medical certificate
  • Submit all documents and pay fees
  • Get photo taken for license

The main license categories in Ukraine include:

  • A1 – Light motorcycles
  • A – Any motorcycle
  • B – Cars and light trucks
  • C – Heavy trucks and buses
  • D – Public transportation buses
  • E – Trailers/combinations

Here is an overview of criteria for getting each type of license:

Motorcycle License (A1, A)

  • Theory test on motorcycle rules
  • Practical test demonstrating motorcycle handling

Light Vehicle License (B)

  • Theory test on road signs, rules
  • Practical car driving test

Heavy Vehicle License (C, D)

  • B category license for 1+ years
  • Get commercial driver medical certificate
  • Pass theory and practical tests

Complete license testing via state agencies or accredited driving schools.

License Renewal Process

Ukraine licenses are typically valid for 10 years. To renew your driving license:

  • Complete renewal application form
  • Pass general medical examination
  • Show proof of identity again
  • Make license renewal payment
  • Get new photo taken

Renew promptly when notified as driving with an expired license is illegal. Licences can be renewed up to 1 year before expiry.

Replacing Lost, Stolen or Damaged License

If your Ukraine driver’s license gets lost, stolen or too damaged to read, you must replace it by:

  • Reporting loss/theft of license to police
  • Applying for replacement license
  • Verifying identity again
  • Paying replacement license fees
  • Retaking photo
  • Waiting for reissued replacement license

Replace lost documents promptly to prevent issues driving.

Changing Address on Driving License

When you change your residential address, you must update your driving license details within 30 days by:

  • Filling out change of address notification
  • Providing verification of new address
  • Making payment for processing
  • Getting updated license issued showing new address

This keeps your credentials valid if relocating within Ukraine.

Booking and Taking Your Driving Tests

To qualify for a Ukraine driver’s license, you must pass mandatory assessments:

Booking Your Tests

  • Meet eligibility criteria set
  • Select preferred test dates/times
  • Pay booking fees
  • Get test confirmation

Theory Test

The theory test covers:

  • Road signs, markings, signals
  • Traffic rules and regulations
  • Safety principles and hazard perception

Useful study tips:

  • Review driver handbook
  • Practice mock theory tests
  • Brush up road rules and signs

Practical Driving Test

The practical test checks:

  • Vehicle safety checks
  • Basic control and vehicle handling
  • Situational response
  • On-road driving ability

Handy practical test tips:

  • Take preparatory driving lessons
  • Practice with the test vehicle model
  • Follow examiner instructions
  • Drive legally and safely

Most applicants pass after sufficient test preparation and practice.

Traffic Violations and Fines

As a motorist, you must follow Ukraine’s traffic laws or incur fines like:

  • Speeding – Up to 255 Hryvnia
  • Running red light – 510 Hryvnia
  • Distracted driving – 510 Hryvnia
  • No seat belt – 170 Hryvnia
  • Vehicle defects – 170 Hryvnia
  • Drink driving – 10,200 Hryvnia

Fines aim to punish and deter negligent driving. Pay them promptly to avoid additional penalties.

Other Driving Related Services

Apart from licensing, Ukraine offers other useful services:

Vehicle Registration

  • Register purchased vehicles
  • Conduct transfers of registration ownership

Emission and Safety Inspections

  • Get routine inspection certificates
  • May be mandatory for registration

Driving Record/Offence Checks

  • Check driver violation history
  • Obtain traffic accident reports
  • Review accumulated demerit points

So in summary, use this guide to help you apply for, renew, replace or update details on your Ukraine license. Drive safely without traffic violations to avoid hefty fines. Take advantage of additional services like vehicle registration and inspections as required.

FAQs on Ukraine Driving Licence

Q1. How early can I renew my Ukraine driving license?

You can renew your Ukraine driver’s license up to 1 year before the printed expiry date.

Q2. Can I drive in Ukraine on my overseas license?

Some foreign licenses may be valid to drive as a tourist temporarily. But long term expats need a Ukraine license quite soon. Check regulations.

Q3. What is the minimum age to obtain a license in Ukraine?

The minimum age to apply independently for a full Ukraine license class is 18 years old. 16-17 years can get licenses with parental approval.

Q4. How long is a Ukraine driver’s license valid for?

Ukraine driving licenses are typically issued with a 10 year validity period before needing renewal.

Q5. How much is a Ukraine driver’s license?

Fees vary but are usually around 300 to 700 Hryvnia for standard passenger vehicle license applications. Additional testing/admin fees also apply.


We hope this guide has covered the key details regarding applying for, renewing, replacing or updating your Ukrainian driver’s license and using related motor vehicle services. Follow the documentation requirements and testing procedures outlined to qualify for your preferred license class. Adhere to national traffic laws to avoid incurring costly fines for violations. With this knowledge, your licensing and driving experience in Ukraine should go smoothly.