United Arab Emirates Driving Licence or Driver Permit

United Arab Emirates Driving Licence : Obtaining a driver’s license in Ukraine allows you to legally operate motor vehicles on public roads. Here is a comprehensive guide on applying for, renewing, or replacing a Ukrainian driving license as a foreigner or citizen.

Driver’s License Application in Ukraine

To apply for a new driver’s license in Ukraine, you must:

Be Eligible

  • Be at least 18 years old for a car license or 16 years for a motorcycle license.
  • Pass required medical examinations to confirm you are fit to drive.
  • Reside in Ukraine or have a residence permit. Non-citizens may drive on an International Driving Permit for one year.

Prepare Required Documents

  • Valid passport and Ukrainian residence permit if you are a foreigner.
  • Medical certificate from an approved facility.
  • Proof of payment of license fees.

Take Training and Exams

  • Complete training at a licensed driving school.
  • Take and pass the theory and practical driving tests.

Apply at Traffic Police

  • Submit all required documents to your local traffic police.
  • Get your photo taken for the license.
  • Receive a temporary paper license until the plastic card license is issued.

Renewing a United Arab Emirates Driving Licence

Ukrainian driving licenses are valid for 10 years. To renew an expiring license:

  • Apply up to 30 days before the expiry date.
  • Provide a valid medical certificate, passport, and old license.
  • Pay the license renewal fees.
  • Retake the theory test if your license has been expired over 3 years.

You will get a new plastic card license after successful renewal.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Ukrainian License

If your Ukrainian license is lost, stolen, or damaged, you must replace it within 15 days. The procedure is:

  • File a report with the police about the lost or stolen license.
  • Apply for a replacement at your local traffic police office.
  • Provide passport, police report, old damaged license if available, and pay fees.
  • Get a new plastic card license after processing.

Replacement costs around 300 UAH and takes 1-2 weeks to process.

Changing Your Address on a Ukrainian License

If you change residence in Ukraine, update your driver’s license address within 30 days. The process is:

  • Go to your local traffic police with your passport and license.
  • Fill out an application to change the address on your license.
  • Pay a fee of around 100 UAH.
  • You will get a plastic card with the updated address.

Taking the Driver’s Exam in Ukraine

To qualify for a driver’s license, you must pass a theory and practical exam.

Theory Test

  • Computer-based multiple choice test of 30 questions in Ukrainian language.
  • Pass mark is 26/30 questions answered correctly.
  • Covers traffic signs, rules, regulations, and safety.
  • Offered in approved test centers for a fee of around 200 UAH.

Practical Driving Test

  • Assess your driving skills on public roads with a testing officer.
  • Test car provided or use your own vehicle.
  • Includes parking, turning, maneuvering, etc.
  • Fee is around 300 UAH, paid to testing center.
  • Must pass to get your license.

Traffic Fines and Penalties in Ukraine

As a licensed driver, you must obey Ukraine’s road rules and traffic laws. Some common fines and penalties include:

  • Speeding – fines from 255 to 510 UAH depending on excess speed.
  • Running a red light – up to 510 UAH.
  • Using a phone while driving – 255 UAH.
  • Not wearing a seat belt – 85 UAH.
  • Parking violations – 170 to 255 UAH.
  • Driving without a license – up to 510 UAH.
  • DUI – up to 255 UAH, potential license suspension.
  • Accidents – larger fines if at fault, license suspension possible.

Fines should be paid within 30 days, or late fees will apply. Repeat or serious offenses can lead to license suspension or revocation.

Other Driving Services in Ukraine

  • International Driving Permit – allows driving for up to 1 year on foreign license.
  • Driver’s License Translation – certified translation if license not in Ukrainian.
  • Driving School – take classes to prepare for driver’s exam.
  • Car Registration – register purchased vehicles at your local traffic office.
  • Vehicle Inspection – required annual inspection at approved centers.

FAQs on United Arab Emirates Driving Licence

1. How much does it cost to get a driver’s license in Ukraine?

Expect to pay around 1000-2000 UAH in total for training, exams, fees and issuance of a new Ukrainian license. Renewal is cheaper at around 300 UAH.

2. Can I drive in Ukraine on my foreign license?

Yes, most foreign licenses are valid for up to one year in Ukraine. Get an International Driving Permit to accompany it.

3. Do I need to take driving lessons to get a license?

Yes, you must complete a driving course at a licensed school and pass exams to qualify for a full Ukrainian license.

4. What languages are the theory and driving tests offered in?

The tests are generally only offered in the Ukrainian language. Some translated tests may be available in major cities.

5. Can I get a Ukrainian license if I don’t speak Ukrainian?

It is difficult but possible by taking lessons and exams in Russian or using an approved translator. Translation assistance can be arranged.