Uruguay Driving Licence or Driver Permit

Uruguay Driving Licence : Obtaining a driver’s license in Uruguay allows you to legally operate motor vehicles on public roads. This guide covers how to apply for, renew, or replace a Uruguayan driving license.

Applying for a New Driver’s License in Uruguay

To apply for your first Uruguayan license, you must meet these requirements:

Be Eligible

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Hold a valid Uruguayan national ID card (CI).
  • Pass required medical and vision exams.
  • Proof of legal residence if a foreigner.

Study and Prepare

  • Study the driving manual and road signs.
  • Take practice written tests to prepare.
  • Complete required driving lessons.

Pass Written Exam

  • Computer-based test with 30 multiple choice questions.
  • Pass with a minimum of 25 correct answers.
  • Covers traffic laws, regulations, road signs.
  • Fee of approximately $20 USD.

Pass Driving Test

  • Practical test of driving skills with examiner.
  • Use driving school car or your own vehicle.
  • Assesses vehicle control, maneuvers, road driving.
  • Fee of approximately $30 USD.

Apply for License

  • Submit required documents to license office.
  • Pay license fee of about $50 USD.
  • Get photo taken for license card.
  • Receive printed temporary license.

Renewing a Driver’s License in Uruguay

  • Licenses are valid for 10 years.
  • Renew up to 90 days before expiration.
  • Present old license, CI, and medical certificate.
  • Pay renewal fee of approximately $30 USD.
  • New license issued with updated expiry.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen License

If your license is lost or stolen in Uruguay:

  • File a police report regarding the missing license.
  • Bring police report and ID to license office.
  • Pay replacement fee of around $20 USD.
  • Get updated photo taken.
  • Receive temporary print license until new card sent.

Changing Your Address on a License

After moving addresses in Uruguay:

  • Go to your local license office.
  • Present your ID card and driver’s license.
  • Fill out change of address application form.
  • Pay small admin fee.
  • Receive license sticker showing new address.

Taking the Driver’s Exam in Uruguay

To obtain a license, you must pass a written and practical driving test.

Written Exam Details

  • 30 multiple choice questions on traffic laws.
  • Allowed 3 incorrect answers to pass.
  • Given at license offices on computers.
  • Fee of approximately $20 USD.

Practical Driving Test Details

  • On-road driving test with examiner.
  • Use approved driving school car.
  • Includes parking, maneuvers, road driving.
  • Fee of approximately $30 USD.

Driving Fines and Penalties

As a licensed driver, you must obey Uruguay’s traffic laws. Some common fines include:

  • Speeding – from $50 to $500 USD depending on excess speed.
  • Running a red light – up to $200 USD.
  • Using a mobile phone while driving – up to $70 USD.
  • Driving without a license – up to $500 USD.
  • DUI – $200 to $1000 USD, potential license suspension.
  • No insurance – $200 to $500 USD.

Penalties get more severe for repeat offenses. All fines should be paid within 30 days.

Other Driving Services in Uruguay

  • International Driving Permit – allows driving on foreign license for up to 3 months
  • Temporary import permit – required if bringing in a foreign plated vehicle
  • Driving lessons – mandatory 30 hours of classes at accredited school
  • Vehicle registration – must register imported or purchased vehicles
  • Technical inspection – required annual safety inspection for all vehicles
  • License translation – certified translation of foreign licenses into Spanish

FAQs on Uruguay Driving Licence

1. How much does it cost to get a license in Uruguay?

Expect to pay $100 – $150 USD in total for exams, fees and issuance of a new license.

2. What is the minimum age to get a driver’s license in Uruguay?

You must be at least 18 years old to obtain a driver’s license in Uruguay.

3. How long is a Uruguay driver’s license valid for?

Licenses are valid for 10 years from the date of issue before requiring renewal.

4. Do I need to take driving lessons to get a license in Uruguay?

Yes, completing mandatory driving lessons at an approved school is required before you can take the driving test.

5. Is there a written knowledge test for a license?

Yes, you must pass a computer-based multiple choice test on traffic laws before getting a license.