Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles

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The Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) oversees driver licensing, vehicle registration, parking placards for disabled individuals, and vehicle title transfers. There are over 70 driver license offices across Colorado serving DMV customers.


The Colorado DMV provides all necessary vehicle and driver license application forms online for free downloading/printing. Common Colorado DMV forms include:

  • Title Transfer Forms – Apply for title changes and replacements
  • Registration Forms – Renew license plates and update car records
  • Driver License Forms – Replace lost licenses or reinstate revoked ones

Find all official CO DMV forms available on their website or pick up copies from any state driver license office or certified partners.

Registration Renewal of Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles

Colorado vehicle registrations expire on a rotating schedule determined by the license plate number. Registrations can easily be renewed:

  • Online – Renew in minutes anytime online
  • By Mail – Return signed renewal notice
  • In Person – Visit DMV office or certified partner

Provide current proof of insurance and vehicle mileage. Allow 7-10 days to receive delivered sticks, 2 weeks for plates.

Appointment Scheduling

The Colorado DMV offers appointment booking online for select services at office locations like:

  • Applying for new driver licenses and driving authority
  • Reinstating revoked licenses
  • Driver license extensions
  • Driving tests and permits

Use the Schedule Appointment tool on DMV site to reserve your preferred date/time and participating location.

Driver Exam Stations

There are over 70 state and certified Colorado DMV driver license offices administering:

  • Vision and written knowledge tests
  • On-road driving skill exams
  • Commercial driver license (CDL) testing

New laws allow some qualified drivers to skip drive tests. Find an exam station near your location online.

2024 Driver’s Manual

The 2024 Colorado DMV Driver Handbook covers all critical car, motorcycle, and CDL information that appears on permit and license tests. The guide covers:

  • Applying for a driver’s permit or license
  • Traffic laws, penalties, rules
  • Road signs, signals, lane markings
  • Safe driving and parking guidelines
  • Alcohol and drug laws/dangers

Download the 2024 CO driver manual PDF to study for your exams. Manual offered in English and Spanish.

License Renewals in Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles DMV

Colorado driver’s licenses are valid for 5 years, expiring on birthday, and are easily renewaled online, by mail, phone or in office:

  • Online – Fast license renewal with card delivery
  • By Mail – Submit DL Renewal Form DR-2519
  • In Person – Visit driver license office

You’ll need valid ID, docs proving current legal presence and address. Renew early to avoid expiration!

License Plates

Colorado issues over 200 varieties of specialty plates citizens can display to showcase state pride or support causes. Standard plates renewed with registration stickers. Replace damaged plates for $5.75 fee at DMV offices and self-service kiosks statewide. Renewal months based on plate number “A-series”.

Driver’s License

A CO driver license shows legal driving authority verified by tests and ID docs presented to DMV. New CO residents have 90 days to obtain a state license. Other key license services:

  • Replace lost or damaged licenses
  • Obtain driving record
  • Reinstate revoked privileges
  • Commercial driver license (CDL)

Contact DMV

Contact the Colorado DMV via:

  • Phone – Call DMV phone center at 303-205-2335
  • Online – Submit questions electronically
  • In Person – Visit driver license offices statewide
  • Mail – Send physical letters to DMV at:
    Department of Revenue DMV
    PO Box 173350
    Denver, CO 80217-3350

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I renew my CO license online before it expires?

You can conveniently renew eligible Colorado driver licenses online up to 12 months prior to your card’s expiration date.

Where is my closest DMV branch for obtaining a new license?

Use the Office Locator map tool on the Colorado DMV website to find the nearest driver license office or certified testing partner from your location.

What documents do I need to title and register an automobile in CO?

To title/register a vehicle in Colorado bring prior title or proof of ownership, VIN verification, bill of sale, valid ID, auto insurance docs, and completed DR2395 form.

How do I replace lost or damaged CO license plates?

To replace lost, stolen, or mutilated Colorado plates visit a DMV office or self-service kiosk with your renewal registration, ID, and $5.75 replacement fee per plate.

What number can I call to ask CO DMV vehicle registration questions?

Call 303-205-2335 to reach the state DMV phone center assisting with vehicle registration updates, renewals, duplicates, status checks, and general questions.

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