Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (CT DMV) provides driver licensing, vehicle registration, and other services to Connecticut residents. Here is an overview of key CT DMV services and information for 2024.


The CT DMV offers numerous forms that can be downloaded from or obtained at DMV branch offices. Common CT DMV forms include:

  • License and ID applications – Forms for new licenses, renewals, replacements, address changes, etc.
  • Registration forms – Renewals, address changes, replacements for lost registrations, transferring plates, etc.
  • Title forms – For obtaining new titles, title transfers, duplicate titles, changes to names/addresses.
  • Insurance forms – To provide insurance information after an accident or citation.
  • Hearing/appeal forms – To request a DMV administrative hearing for suspensions or revocations.
  • Disability forms – Applications for disability license plates and parking placards.
  • Business registration forms – For licensed dealers, repairers, transporters, recyclers, and drivers’ education schools.

Instructions for completing and submitting CT DMV forms are provided online or can be obtained from DMV branch offices.

Registration Renewal Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

Connecticut vehicle registrations must be renewed every 2 years. Registrations expire on the last day of the month assigned.

Registration can be renewed:

  • Online – Renewals can be processed on the DMV website up to 1 year in advance.
  • By mail – Renewal reminders are mailed about 3 months prior to expiration. Can be returned by mail.
  • In person – Visit any DMV branch office or select municipal offices to renew in person.

To renew online, you’ll need your registration and driver’s license numbers. Mailed renewals can be paid by check. Online/in-person renewals require credit/debit cards.

Appointment Scheduling

The CT DMV offers appointment scheduling to reduce wait times at branch offices. Appointments can be booked online or by phone.

Appointments are available for many DMV services, including:

  • License/ID card applications and renewals
  • Registration renewals
  • Emissions testing
  • Driving tests
  • Restoring suspended licenses
  • Business license transactions

To schedule a CT DMV appointment:

  • Book online through the appointment calendar
  • Call (860) 263-5700 during business hours

Walk-ins may experience long waits, so appointments are recommended. Allow ample time for your appointment transaction.

Driver Exam Stations

The CT DMV administers knowledge exams and road skills tests at 19 locations across the state for new driver’s license applicants. These stations offer:

  • Knowledge tests – Computerized written tests on driving laws, rules, signs.
  • Road skills tests – Assesses driving ability with a DMV examiner.

To take a road test, you must:

  • Obtain a learner’s permit by passing a knowledge test.
  • Practice driving with a permit for 4 months (if under 18) or 2 months.
  • Schedule a road test appointment.
  • Provide a registered/insured vehicle for the test.
  • Pay a $40 testing fee.

Road test routes vary by location. Study the Connecticut Driver’s Manual to prepare for all exams.

2024 Connecticut Driver’s Manual

The official 2024 Connecticut Driver’s Manual contains everything new drivers need to know to pass their required knowledge and road skills tests. Key contents include:

  • Licensing information – Covers how to obtain permits, full licenses, and ID cards with required documents and fees.
  • Traffic laws and penalties – Connecticut laws, signs, signals, markers, right-of-way rules, speed limits, seatbelt requirements, fines.
  • Safe driving tips – Guidance on handling emergencies, adverse weather, distractions, aggression, impaired driving, pedestrians, cyclists.
  • Vehicle procedures – Laws and best practices for vehicle registration, titling, inspections, maintenance, roadside assistance, breakdowns, accidents.
  • Special driving conditions – Information for night driving, highways, intersections, passing, parking, traffic stops, and more.
  • Sample knowledge questions – 80+ practice test questions and answers to prepare for the exam.

Updated CT driver’s manuals are published annually on the DMV website. Hard copies can be obtained at DMV branch offices.

License Renewal Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

Connecticut driver’s licenses must be renewed every 6 years. License expiration dates are always on the license holder’s birthday.

To renew your CT driver’s license:

  • Visit any DMV branch office in person.
  • Submit a renewal application and old license.
  • Get a new photo taken and eye exam.
  • Show identity proof and Social Security verification.
  • Clear any pending requirements.
  • Pay the $84 license renewal fee.

Licenses can be renewed as early as 3 months before expiration. Driving privileges will be suspended if the license is not renewed.

License Plates

Connecticut requires all registered motor vehicles to display current license plates on the front and rear. Key CT license plate requirements:

  • Standard plates must be replaced every 10 years.
  • Specialty plates are permanent and follow the owner.
  • Lost or damaged plates must be replaced immediately.
  • Obstructed or covered plates may result in fines.
  • License plate numbers stay with the owner, not the vehicle.

Connecticut offers over 60 types of specialty license plates supporting various causes and organizations. These plates have added fees and can be personalized.

Connecticut Driver’s License

To get a new Connecticut driver’s license, you must:

  • Be at least 16 years old (with parental consent if under 18)
  • Pass knowledge and road skills tests
  • Complete mandatory holding periods with instruction permit
  • Provide identity and residency documentation
  • Pay a $84 license fee

Types of licenses:

  • Learner’s permit – Allows supervised practice driving
  • New driver’s license – Issued to drivers under 18
  • Full driver’s license – For adult drivers
  • Commercial driver’s license (CDL) – For driving commercial vehicles

New CT residents must transfer their out-of-state license within 30 days. Licenses must be renewed every 6 years.

Contact CT DMV

Contact the Connecticut DMV by phone, mail, or visit one of their branch office locations:

  • DMV Website:
  • Phone: 860-263-5700
  • Mail: CT Dept. of Motor Vehicles 60 State Street Wethersfield, CT 06161
  • Branch Offices: Offices located in Bridgeport, Cheshire, Danbury, Enfield, Hamden, Norwich, Old Saybrook, Waterbury, Wethersfield and more

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