Kentucky Department of Transportation

The Kentucky Department of Transportation (KYTC) provides oversight for all state drive r licensing and motor vehicle registration services. This overview covers the major offerings from Kentucky DOT.


The Kentucky DOT furnishes all necessary driver and vehicle forms:

  • License and ID applications
  • Registration transfer paperwork
  • License renewal affidavits
  • Address change forms
  • Specialty plate order forms
  • Records request sheets

Most standard DOT forms in Kentucky can be accessed online for printing or filling out electronically. Some specialized filings must be obtained in person at local Circuit Court Clerk offices.


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Kentucky Department of Transportation

Registration Renewal Kentucky Department of Transportation

Kentucky vehicle owners renew registrations with the county clerk office every 1 or 2 years based on policy. Renewals can be processed:

  • Online
  • By mail
  • In person
  • At self-service kiosks

Online and mailed registration renewals require current proof of insurance, personal ID, mileage/odometer readings, plate number, and payment to submit documents.

Appointment Scheduling

Many county Circuit Court Clerk licensing offices now allow customers to schedule appointments for select services:

  • Written permit exams
  • Road skills testing
  • License issuance
  • License reinstatements
  • Registrations

Appointments reserve testing slots and staff resources to avoid long waits during peak seasons. Limited same-day openings are available at some locations.

Driver Exam Stations

Kentucky manages over 120 driver licensing regional field offices that administer:

  • Knowledge testing
  • Road skills exams
  • Motorcycle license testing
  • CDL licensing

Testing site locators and study manuals for learning state road signs and rules are offered on the Kentucky DOT website.

2024 Drivers Manual

Kentucky updates its Drivers Manual every 2-4 years to reflect current laws. The latest 2024 manual covers:

  • KY traffic rules and fines
  • Road sign meanings
  • Safe driving recommendations
  • Updated DOT regulations
  • Licensing application process overview

Download or view the free 2024 Kentucky Drivers Manual for permit exam prep and detailed licensing help. Printed copies can also be found at DOT field offices.

License Renewals Kentucky Department of Transportation

Kentucky driver’s licenses are valid for 4 years based on the applicant’s birthday. Licenses can be renewed up to 6 months early:

  • Online
  • By mail
  • In person

Some license renewals require new vision tests and updated photos per state regulations. Name or address changes need proper affidavits and documentation during the process as well. Fees start around $20.

License Plates

Alongside regular number/letter plates, Kentucky offers specialized plates supporting:

  • Kentucky colleges
  • Awareness causes
  • Military affiliations
  • Hobby groups

Fees, term limits, qualifications and restrictions apply across the 60+ specialty plate designs available. Details provided in the Plates section of the Kentucky DOT site.

Drivers License

To obtain an initial Kentucky driver’s license, applicants must:

  • Pass the written permit test
  • Hold learner’s permit 6 months
  • Pass the road skills test

Those under 18 have additional curfew and passenger limits until eligible for full licensure. Standard licenses are issued to adults at age 18. Other licenses have different requirements.

Contact DOT

Contact information for Kentucky DOT motor vehicle licensing:

  • Phone: (502) 564-1257
  • Mail: Division of Driver Licensing, 200 Mero Street, Frankfort, KY 40622
  • Website:

The Kentucky DOT website covers appointment scheduling, forms download, practice testing, license renewal, laws, fees, office locations, traffic violations processing, and FAQs.

Kentucky DOT Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common Kentucky DOT questions:

How do I change the address on my Kentucky license?

You must visit your Circuit Court Clerk office in person with proof of residency to officially update and change the address printed on your KY driver’s license.

What is the minimum age to apply for a learner’s permit?

In Kentucky, you can apply for an instructional permit starting at age 16 with a driver education enrollment affidavit and parental consent documents.

Can I renew license plates at any county office?

No, Kentucky vehicle registrations must be renewed at the county clerk office for your officially listed county of residence in DOT records when tags are due.

How long is a learner’s permit valid?

One year. Kentucky instructional permits expire 12 months after issuance, allowing teens time to practice and move towards the intermediate license under supervision during that first year of driving.

I’m moving to Kentucky, when do I need to change my license?

Kentucky requires new residents to update to an official KY license at the local county clerk office within 30 days of moving to the state if holding an out-of-state license.

  1. Further frequently asked questions regarding Kentucky DOT policies and motor vehicle division procedures can be found on their official website linked above.

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