New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division

The New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) handles vehicle registrations, driver’s licenses, and title transfers within the state. The MVD has many important functions related to driving in New Mexico. This overview covers the key services provided.


The New Mexico MVD offers forms for handling all motor vehicle paperwork. Common MVD forms include:

  • Vehicle title transfers
  • Registration renewals
  • License and ID applications
  • Address changes
  • Custom plate orders
  • Major record changes

Many basic MVD forms can be downloaded online or requested by mail. More specific paperwork may need to be picked up in person at an MVD field office.

Registration Renewal New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division

Vehicle owners in New Mexico can renew their registration in several convenient ways:

  • Online
  • By mail
  • In person at MVD offices
  • At authorized third-party agents

To renew online, drivers need their license plate number, mileage, VIN, insurance details, and payment info. Registration renewals can often be processed instantly online for no additional fees.

Appointment Scheduling

Customers can schedule appointments in advance for select services at New Mexico MVD offices. Appointments are available for:

  • Driver’s license tests and issuance
  • ID cards
  • Registration renewals
  • Title transfers
  • Permit tests
  • Other major transactions

Booking appointments helps minimize wait times. Same day appointments can sometimes be made online or by phone.

Driver Exam Stations

New Mexico has over 25 MVD exam stations administering knowledge and road skills testing. Testing services offered:

  • Written learners permit exams
  • Road driving tests
  • CDL licensing exams
  • Motorcycle license testing

Driver exam stations are searchable by metro area on the MVD site. Study guides give details on all driver test requirements.

2024 Drivers Manual

New Mexico updates its official Drivers Manual every 2-3 years with the latest state regulations. The 2024 NM Drivers Manual covers:

  • Traffic laws
  • Safe driving tips
  • License application process
  • Test requirements
  • Special driving conditions
  • NM regulations

Studying the most current 2024 manual ensures you have the right info to pass your exams for a learners permit or new license. Free PDF downloads are offered.

License Renewals New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division

New Mexico drivers licenses must be renewed every 8 years. The MVD mails renewal notices 45 days before expiration. Licenses can be renewed:

  • Online
  • By mail
  • In person

License renewals may require an updated photo and vision screening. Fees start at $18. Additional charges apply for REAL ID compliant licenses that allow domestic air travel and other federal purposes per federal laws.

License Plates

New Mexico offers over 70 custom license plate designs beyond the standard plates. Options include:

  • Commemorative plates
  • Special cause plates
  • Special interest plates
  • Personalized plates

Custom plate fees start at $37 with additional annual fees going towards related funds and causes. More details can be found in the License Plates section of the MVD website.

Drivers LicenseLicense Renewals New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division

To get your first New Mexico driver’s license, customers must:

  • Pass the written permit test
  • Hold a permit for 6 months
  • Pass the road driving test

Licenses progress from a supervised permit to unrestricted license around age 18. Requirements for commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) and motorcycle endorsements differ.

Contact MVD

Contact information for the New Mexico MVD headquarters:

The MVD site covers all processes from booking appointments to downloading forms. Live chat assistance is also available for quick customer help.

New Mexico MVD Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to 5 common questions about the New Mexico MVD:

What forms of payment are accepted for MVD fees?

The MVD accepts cash, checks, money orders and major credit/debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

How do I transfer my out-of-state driver’s license?

Bring proof of identity and residency to your local MVD office to transfer your valid license within 30 days of becoming a NM resident. In some cases written and road tests are waived.

Can I renew my vehicle registration if it expired over a year ago?

Registrations expired for over a year are not eligible for online/mail renewal. You must visit an MVD office in person to register the vehicle again from scratch.

What type of license is needed to operate a motorcycle in New Mexico?

you must pass motorcycle knowledge and skills tests to earn your motorcycle endorsement on a NM license allowing legal operation of motorcycles in the state.

Do I need an appointment for a basic license renewal?

Appointments are highly recommended right now due to high demand, but some metro offices allow license renewal walk-ins on a limited basis. Check the MVD site for the latest on local service guidelines.

  1. That covers some of the top questions around licenses, registration, testing and contacting the New Mexico MVD. Visit their official site for more FAQs and complete motor vehicle services information.

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