Rent a Car for Travel in Valencia

With its shining City of Arts and Sciences complex alongside historic Gothic architecture and vibrant food scene, Valencia delivers the perfect blend of modern excitement and old world Spanish charm. Meandering narrow alleyways makes much of the city core easily walkable, yet having your own rental car opens doors for day trips into the mountains, visiting hilltop villages, or road tripping down the coast at your leisure.

Benefits of Renting a Car in Valencia

Driving your own rental vehicle while visiting Valencia gives flexibility beyond buses, metros, trains or taxis:

Regional Accessibility

A rental car makes destinations across Valencia readily available on your own timeline – from Alicante’s beaches to the Tabarca Island marine reserve to the inland village of Chulilla renowned for rock climbing.

Airport Transport Simplicity

Avoid unreliable shuttle buses by smoothly driving your own rental car directly between Valencia Airport and city hotels after arriving into Manises.

Affordability & Control

Shared rental car costs for 2+ people often compare favorably to mounting individual public transit expenses. Set your own schedule without dependence upon Metro or bus routes and timetables.

Cargo Capacity

Easily store luggage, shopping bags, restaurant take-away meals and other travel items securely in your rental car without carrying piles on Metro trains or relying on taxis for every side errand.

Where to Rent a Car in Valencia

As a major Spanish travel hub, Valencia offers rental counters across providers:

Valencia Airport

Internationally recognized car rental brands offer direct air terminal service including Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar and Hertz. Counters stay open according to flight schedules with staff usually speaking English alongside Spanish and Valenciano Catalan.

City Centre Offices

Numerous rental agencies operate smaller depots scattered within central neighborhoods reachable by metro, train or a short taxi ride from major attractions if preferred over airport locations. Some provide free hotel shuttles.

DistrictSample Rental Locations
By Town HallCalle Sangre
Barrio CarmenPlaza Almoina
Around Central MarketCalle San Fernando, Avenida Barón de Cárcer
Towards City of ArtsCalle Amadeo de Saboya, Avenida Instituto Obrero

Table: Some convenient rental car locations in central Valencia districts

Driving Tips for Navigating Valencia

Follow these road trip suggestions for a smooth rental car experience around Valencia:

Verify International Driver’s Permit

While your domestic license should suffice, having an IDP ensures legitimacy if questioned by traffic authorities. Some rental firms require them under contract.

Adjust to City Driving

Between trams, pedestrianized roads and limited parking, it’s best not to drive within the historic centre. Use outskirts metro stations as hubs to transition between walking and driving.

Input Rental Plate Details

If required to pay for metered parking spaces, enter your rental car’s license plate number properly at payment kiosks to avoid unintended violations.

Travel with Documentation

Carry your booking voucher, ownership paperwork provided by rental companies, IDPs if applicable and copies of your passport as increased police checkpoints enforce licensing along beach zones.

Embrace Detours

Driving backroads towards Utiel’s vineyards, Xátiva’s castle ruins or seaside Gandia leads to discoveries beyond the Valencia city guides. Allow extra time for meandering discoveries or mid-day tapas breaks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Renting a Car in Valencia

What documents do I need to rent a car?

Expect to show your valid driver’s license, passport and credit card at the rental counter. Some accept digital copies stored in apps as sufficient. An International Driving Permit (IDP) is recommended but not legally required for tourists in Spain.

What side do Valencians drive on?

As throughout mainland Spain, cars in the Valencia region drive on the right hand side of the road with the steering wheel on the left side of the vehicle.

What transmission types are available?

Both manual shift and automatic transmission rental cars are readily accessible across options from economy models to luxury sedans and 7-8 passenger vans ideal for large touring parties.

Can I take a rental car to Alicante area beaches?

Yes, driving south approximately 100 miles along the Costa Blanca coastline to Alicante, Benidorm, Calpe or Denia is perfectly permitted in a Valencia rental car unless expressly restricted under your specific contract.


While exploring Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences on foot or by metro allows engaging with local life, having the freedom of your own rental car wheels provides flexibility to follow your Spanish horizons – from the great heights of Penaguila village to the seafood heaven of Denia port to regional sights like Xàtiva castle along the way. Booking an optimized rental vehicle sized for your group ensures reaching vibrant cultural festivals on time or pulling over on a whim for the perfect Insta-worthy coastal viewpoint. Your Spanish escape awaits!


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